Selected Skills
  • Conform
  • Editorial
  • Finishing/Delivery
What I Do
  • Broadcast/Web Reality
  • Broadcast/Web Scripted Long Form
  • Feature Documentary
  • Feature Narrative
  • Short Films
About Patrick Inhofer

Patrick is a professional digital video colorist (with a background in editing and online finishing). He has 30+ years of experience delivering high-quality programming for Broadcast, Commercial, Corporate, and Indie clients, requiring minimal supervision.

For 15+ years, Patrick also developed a concurrent career teaching others how to digitally color correct moving images. Patrick is active in developing community resources connecting professional artisans to their peers while inspiring next generation colorists. Patrick is also the publisher of a weekly color grading newsletter, Tao Of Color Grading Newsletter. It recently surpassed 450 Sunday editions since its 2010 inception.


Patrick’s broadcast credits include Barry Levinson’s “The Band That Wouldn’t Die” (ESPN); Bruce Sinofsky’s “San Quentin Film School” (Discovery Channel); “Samantha Brown’s Places To Love” Seasons 3 & 4 (PBS); “Hopkins” (ABC News); plus work for NBC, HBO, TNT, TBS, AMC, BET, Oxygen, and J.J. Sedelmaier’s “Saturday Morning Funhouse” for Saturday Night Live.

Patrick’s feature work includes “Poliwood” by Barry Levinson (Showtime) “Lilith” by Sridhar Reddy; “Split Ends” by Dorothy Lyman; “An Affair Of The Heart” by Sylvia Caminer; 5 horror shorts for the acclaimed Bloody Cuts series. Patrick’s first credit was on the 1990 HBO Series, “The Babysitter’s Club” when the series editor allowed him to edit his first narrative scene, on an Avid, and was the assistant editor for that series (using AVR 3!).

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