Customize Versions: To Find The Right Grade

Understanding Versions in DaVinci Resolve: Quickly Flipping Between Multiple Color Corrections

March 13, 2013

The Versions feature in DaVinci Resolve will help you build different grades for the same shot—and then flip between them quickly.

Learn How to Experiment with Different Color Corrections on the Same Shot

Colorists are always trying different things – a warm look, a cool look, a “split the difference “ look etc. In DaVinci Resolve 9 its easy to create multiple versions of the same shot, but once you start creating a lot of versions you’ll quickly end up with a boat load of versions and not a good way to identify what those versions actually are. Understanding Versions will help you work at the speed of a pro.

In Resolve 9 you can customize the name for different versions so you can quickly identify what each version actually is.

Click on the gear icon in the lower left hand corner of the Resolve interface to bring up your Project Settings. Then click on the versions listing on the left hand side of the Project Settings window.

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