Office Hours LIVE! Color Management, Gamma Woes and Budget Remote Live Review

August 1, 2023

Our Contributors answer tough member questions on color management issues, mastering gamma, and affordable remote live review solutions.


Answering Member Questions – 11 May 2023

Mixing Light Contributors Joey D’Anna, Ryan Nguyen, and Zeb Chadfield join host and Mixing Light CEO Patrick Inhofer in leading this Office Hours LIVE! discussion. The conversation included:

  • Office Hours Video Questions – Jump the queue and get your questions answered
  • Improvements to Mixing Light forum personalization controls, profiles, notifications, and more!
  • Dolby Vision Theatrical Trims Tool, HDR Master –> SDR Trim
  • DaVinci Resolve 18.5 Relight tool as a flexible addition to color workflows
  • Can an iPad be used as a color grading control surface?
  • Why physical control surfaces keep you focused on the creative image
  • Why are Rec. 709 (scene) set as default color spaces in DaVinci Resolve
  • Gamma 2.2 vs Gamma 2.4 vs Rec. 709 (scene)
  • Will a Rec. 709 camera feed look right on Rec. 709 gamma 2.4 monitor?
  • Managing color pipelines on set and finding hidden color management assumptions
  • Problems (and solutions) with linear fades/dissolves in log color space
  • DaVinci Resolve’s new native live streaming functionality for client review

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Table of Contents

(bold is a member question)

  • 01:30 – Mixing Light member updates and what’s new with our Contributors
  • 12:50 – iPad as Editing Control Surface
  • 21:14 – Importance of physical control surfaces
  • 24:32 – Rec 709 and Color Space Choice
  • 32:22 – Gamma settings affect color perception
  • 36:30 – Does a Rec. 709 camera feed sent to Rec. 709 gamma 2.4 display look correct or not?
  • 38:18 – Color Management in Visual Production
  • 45:33 – How to fix RCM affecting fade/dissolve behavior?
  • 51:38 – Remote live grading solutions with a client – on a budget
  • 58:02 – Wrapping Up the Discussion

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