What’s New in the DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1 Update?

August 22, 2016

What's new in the DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1 Update? Learn about new features, new behaviors and general observations about this latest update.

Digging Deeper into New Features and New Behaviors

I recently wrapped a 5-day shoot, in a studio near Robbie, where I recorded about 60 movies on the Resolve 12.5 update (the title is in post-production and will go on sale just as soon as it’s ready). It’s the first chance since the 12.5 release that I’ve had to record a title this large, due to my schedule and the studio’s availability. Just as we finished recording, Blackmagic released DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1.

Blackmagic’s .1 Updates are frequently jam-packed with new features.

You can’t assume these updates are pure bug fixes and software optimizations. The Resolve team has a habit of injecting interesting new tools or behaviors – which is why I’m always careful to examine the Read Me.

As usual, the Resolve 12.5.1 Update has a full batch of new codec support and optimizations (particularly for Windows users). And, this new update also includes new features and behaviors.

The headline feature is integrated ProRes Playback on Windows

With Apple and Microsoft telling the world to uninstall Quicktime Player from Windows machines, ASAP – Resolve lost the app that installed the ProRes decoder on that platform. This update fixes that loophole.

In this Insight, I cover the top bullet points (in my mind) that make 12.5.1 an interesting update.

There are a few editorial-type things that I’ve skipped over, like improved Multicam playback and importing/exporting duration markers… mostly because I didn’t have time to dig into them. But I do cover:

  • Default ProRes playback support on Windows
  • New ProRes optimizations on Windows
  • Additional codec support
  • A new Gallery feature
  • Updated Node Graph behaviors
  • New Stereo commands
  • New re-linking behaviors
  • Additional ‘Media Import’ behavior

In truth, I think the last two items were added in the big Resolve 12.5.0 release – but I’ve only recently started using them in a way that dramatically speeds up my workflow… and they seriously reduce my clicking around the interface. So—I figured I’d share those behaviors as well, in case you missed them.

Enjoy! And remember – Mixing Light members with a subscription can download these videos for offline viewing and build a library of favorite / useful Insights.

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Homepage Forums What’s New in the DaVinci Resolve 12.5.1 Update?

  • Dears, i am considering to learn another Color grade software, additionally to DaVinci. I really don’t know which one …any suggestion?
    i know that this is kind of arbitrary question but i would really like to hear your opinion.
    I mostly work on commercials and Tv series.

  • Patrick Inhofer

    It depends entirely on your budget and software.

    But if I had to recommend something else that’s affordable but is also ‘translatable’ as your career moves forward… the Baselight Editions plugin for Avid Media Composer.

  • Awesome new feature round-up, Pat! Many thanks for sharing some of the less obvious new features

  • Patrick Inhofer

    You bet. And last week in Beijing, Alexis explained to me the thinking behind the new Stereo features that were released in the .1 update. Once I get over this flu, I’ll be recording and sharing that Insight. Here’s the take-away: Think HDR.

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