Evaluating Skin Tones, Working With Drone Footage, Grading On Laptops

April 22, 2022

Team Mixing Light helps our members work through confidence problems color grading skin tones, drones, and laptop displays in a live call.


Office Hours LIVE! – April 14, 2022

Mixing Light Contributors Joey D’Anna, Cullen Kelly, and Rich Roddman join host Patrick Inhofer taking member questions in a live conference call format.

After starting the conversation by sharing things we’ve learned recently, the team dives into the questions that are at the top of mind for our members. Today, members ask questions about:

  • Are my skin tones as bad as my client says?
  • How to format DJI Cine Mags at the DIT cart?
  • How to improve playback performance with HVEC Main 10 codecs?
  • Tips for color grading drone footage?
  • How feasible is it to get a proper cailbration on a new MacBookPro display for on-the-road color grading?

Special shout-out: The entire Mixing Light team applauds the bravery of Annie for attacking a perceived weakness in her color grading skillset and asking for advice! It’s how we all grow as artists.

Questions or Comments?

Feel free to continue the conversation below in the comments!

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Table of Contents

(bold are Mixing Light member questions)

00:00 – Introductions
00:58 – What have we learned new recently?
06:32 – Annie: Am I as bad at skin tones as my client says?
09:46 – Mixing Light Contributors react to stills Annie shared with them.
14:39 – A discussion on managing shadows for skin tones
18:39 – The effect and power of contrast on human perception
20:03 – How camera-specific LUTs effect skin tones (and your client’s expectation of ‘proper’ skin tones)
23:37 – What tools are recommended for targeting color bias in the shadows?

29:43 – Is it possible to format DJI Cine Mags without a drone inside the DIT cart?
33:42 – Is there an easy way to improve HVEC Main 10 Codec editing performance?
42:28 – How do I solve for a consistently magenta tint that I’m getting in drone footage?
48:00 – How feasible is it to get a proper calibration from a MacBookPro display?
53:10 – NDI and iPadPro as a portable laptop monitoring solution?
56:15 – Conclusion

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