How Does the Lumetri Color Panel Work? Part 2

December 25, 2015

Understand how the Lumetri Color Tools work in the latest version of Premiere Pro CC. Plus learn about a potential flaw in these tools.

Day 25: 25 Insights in 25 Days Holiday Marathon

Avoiding problems & exploring the remaining Lumetri Color Tools

The Basic Correction tools in the new Lumetri Color tools are the clearest evidence of the design philosophy of how this new Premiere Pro feature was developed. Specifically, it’s designed to let editors make quick corrections to their images while minimizing their opportunities to damage those images.

It’s a terrific goal for non-linear editing software that wants to give editors a color correction toolset.

In this Insight we’ll dig through the rest of Lumetri Color Tools

For the most part, as you watch the video below you’ll notice that Lumetri isn’t a fan of really big corrections. It wants to limit your ‘range of motion’.

The one place where Lumetri allows big corrections, is the one place it gets into trouble

As you’ll see, excessive saturation seems to induce errors – especially if the excessive saturation is followed by a lift operation of the shadows.


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Homepage Forums How Does the Lumetri Color Panel Work? Part 2

  • Congrats guys, 25 insights in 25 days, once again you’ve made it. Thank you to regale us each year.
    Have some well deserved rest, and see you on 2016!

    PS: did I hear you say 31/31 for the next Holiday Marathon? 😉

  • Patrick Inhofer

    Thanks Christophe! We’ll see everyone in 2016.

    Heh – 31/31 was Robbie’s idea… so once he executes it, Dan and I will follow up 😉

  • R.NeilHaugen

    Good presentation on the uses … and the limits … of Lumetri in PrPro. It will be interesting to see your “now this is how to use it … ” items in your Coming Soon … pieces.

  • bela.pesics

    Hey Patrick, have you ever managed to follow up this saturation slider slider and/or scope issue with Adobe? I mean this is potentially something they might want to fix…

  • Patrick Inhofer

    They’re aware. Kind’a in their court. But if you want to submit a bug report to them, the more voices they hear the more they’ll prioritize a fix.

  • Hi Patrick. Something that’s bothered me about the Lumetri Color panel is that Adobe doesn’t use the traditional Gamma adjustment within the Basic Correction panel. Can you shed any light on this and is there a reason for moving beyond a Gamma adjustment in our primary contrast adjustments?

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