What Mac Post Pros Need To Know About Building A Custom PC

Moving From A Mac to PC: Answering Member Questions – Part 1

May 9, 2017

A 2-part interview series for media pros talking about the challenges Mac users face when moving to the PC elicited many questions. Here are the answers.


Eric Bowen Answers Your (and Patrick’s) Questions

I interviewed custom PC builder Eric Bowen about the challenges and opportunities of building a high-performance PC rig for post production work. In Part 2 of our interview we opened the comments for questions – and here in the follow up, Eric starts answering them.

There were many questions so I’ve split this interview into two parts, each about 40 minutes long. Here’s what we discuss in Part 1. Feel free to leave your questions below. In a few weeks I’ll pull them together and we have another go-around with Eric… who has been a great sport about talking with us!

Your Questions Answered. In this Podcast…

  • The challenge of building custom PCs for post production professionals (who max out their PCI slots)
  • RED Rocket + Long GOP – Is a dual Xeon the ideal choice?
  • The critical GPU benchmark you can use when choosing between a dual Xeon vs the single chip 10-core i7.
    • What do you give up when choosing the dual Xeon vs the 10-core i7?
    • What does the dual Xeon system get you?
  • Why plug-ins that are ‘GPU aware’ might not get you the results you may expect.
  • Optimizing your PC configuration for RED vs. optimizing for CinemaDNG.
  • Understanding PCIe lanes: How many can you get?
  • Quadro cards and ‘read back speed’: Should this feature sway you to buying Quadro cards?
  • The ‘Hackintosh’, Apple and Eric’s take on those builds.

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