The Pre-NAB Edition – The Sunday Color Grading Newsletter

April 7, 2024

News, tutorials, and gear from the interwebs related to the art, craft, and business of professional color grading for the week 7 April 2024.

Issue DLXXXII: The pre-NAB Edition

The Color Grading Newsletter

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Sunday, 7 April 2024
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Patrick Inhofer
From The Publisher
Mixing Light Southern Command is on the move! On Friday, we were officially out of Orlando, our home for the past 10 years. We’re making our way 2 hours north, with a 6 week stop on the coast of Florida – waiting to get into our next HQ.

Dismantling the grading suite and boxing it up had me imagining I was an addict watching his fix being flushed down the drain. I had the shakes while doing it.

That story is being shared only because it also explains why we have so many stories in this Newsletter: It hasn’t been published in two weeks – due to the run-up of emptying out the house.

So, consider this edition a Newsletter brain dump.

I hope those who make it to NAB this year have a great time! Don’t forget about the Colorist Mixer—the signup link is below. Hopefully, we’ll meet there next year.

Happy Grading!

I’ll see you next Sunday, in the midst of The Show.


Pat Inhofer
Chief Photon Wrangler, Publisher
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This year’s Mixer is next Sunday, April 14, 2024, from 7p – 11p, in Carlos’N Charlie’s in the Flamingo Hotel. The new location makes it super-easy to get to. And there’s some seriously amazing prizes in the raffle. If you’re going to be in Las Vegas that Sunday night and you read this Newsletter – don’t miss this event.
“The HDR Lab is a by-appointment small meeting space on the show floor, close to our primary booth, that will be configured as a grading suite and presentation area.” Click through for the email address to arrange your appointment – space is very limited.

FSI is hosting several ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions (including one with Mixing Light co-founder Robbie Carman) and ‘Make the Grade’ sessions, where you can get hands-on experience with a control surface and eyes on one of their QD-OLEDs and see for yourself what the experience is like.

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