Review – Controlling The HDR Palette With The Resolve Mini Panel

January 21, 2021

How does the DaVinci Resolve Mini control surface manage to control 7+ color wheels in the HDR Palette, with only 3 physical trackballs?

Day 21: 24 Insights in 24 Days New Year Marathon

HDR Palette 101 Part 5 – An overview of the DaVinci Resolve Mini control surface’s integration with the HDR palette

In this Insight, we’re going to look at the DaVinci Resolve Mini panel and how it manages to integrate with the HDR Palette. It’s a tricky workflow since we’ve got 7+ color wheels that can only be controlled by 3 physical trackballs. How does the Mini panel handle this problem? Especially since it also has 2 LCD displays for handling the soft menus for each Zone.

As you’ll see in this Insight – it’s a tricky balancing act. It took me about 40-60 hours to feel comfortable in this workflow and develop a ‘rhythm’.

In Resolve 17 Beta, the Mini panel / Zone Palette integration does feel a little 1.0. There are a few strange/unexpected behaviors. I point those out.

Note: I’ve just started working out the overhead camera, so it’s not a high-resolution camera, yet. Here’s a better look at the LCD soft menus for Zones, in case you have trouble reading them in this video Insight.

This is the main LCD Controls for Zone adjustments. The ‘Prev Zone’ / ‘Next Zone’ soft keys cycle through the active zones, changing the Zones that the trackballs/contrast rings control.

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