Getting Started With Blackmagic Cloud Storage in DaVinci Resolve

November 3, 2023

Learn how to set up and share project media with collaborators in DaVinci Resolve with Blackmagic Cloud Storage and the BMD Camera App.

How To Sync Project Media Using Blackmagic Cloud

In the release of DaVinci Resolve 18.6, Blackmagic Design announced the ability to sync media through Blackmagic Cloud.

Previously, collaboration was limited to projects through the online Project Library (database), and you needed to find your own solution for media syncing. This provides an interesting new workflow option for teams to share projects and media in one inclusive system – completely controlled by DaVinci Resolve and Blackmagic Design ecosystem.

This does not, however, replace any of your other project/database options. You can also continue using the Cloud Project Library to share projects and sync media through other means. You are not required to use Blackmagic’s cloud storage.

Key takeaways from this Insight

By the end of this Insight, you should understand how to:

  • Set up Blackmagic Cloud Storage
  • Choose your Blackmagic Cloud Billing Plan
  • Invite a user to your Project Library
  • Create a DaVinci Resolve Project that uses Cloud Storage
  • Sync Media to and from your workstation
  • Understand the Sync folder structure
  • Record and sync video from Blackmagic Camera App

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