Understanding Professional Displays With Flanders Scientific’s Bram Desmet

January 15, 2020

Trying to understand the value of pro video displays? Want to know the differences (and trade-offs) between the technologies? Listen on...

Day 15: 24 Insights In 24 Days – 2020 New Year Marathon!

An update on the state of professional displays in the year 2020

Every few years we like to get a review on the state of display technology. Our go-to person for this discussion is Flanders Scientific’s Bram Desmet. Bram has the unique skill of taking a complicated, and sometimes obtuse, discussion and simplifying it so that the rest of us can understand. In this Mixing Light Special Edition Podcast, I have Bram break down the technology of professional displays.

First, we discuss the first-time professional display buyer: What are their choices? What are the tradeoffs between their choices? Of course, Bram (understandably) doesn’t like commenting directly on his competitors so I use his product lineup as the springboard throughout this interview. The FSI display lineup has dramatically expanded from 6 years ago, up and down a full range of price points.

Next, we discuss professional High Dynamic Range LCD display technology. Bram offers his opinion of who’s the right type of professional for these uber-expensive displays and what are the tradeoffs between them?

In this conversation We Talk about:

  • The key differences between consumer and professional displays
  • The difference calibrating consumer and professional displays
  • Are you fooling yourself by buying a less expensive professional display (for color grading)?
  • The state of 8-bit, 8-bit plus FRC, 10-bit, and 12-bit displays
  • What’s going on with OS-level color management and why do we need 3rd party break-out boxes?
  • What are the different types of LCD panels being used in professional displays in the sub-$6,000 range?
  • Advantages and drawbacks of RGB LED backlights
  • Advantages and drawbacks of White LED backlights
  • The different flavors of OLED technology
  • The impact of ‘zone count’ on Zoned Backlight LCDs
  • The trade-off in getting a display to 3,000 nits – and the advantages
  • Fundamentals of Light Modulated Cell Layer LCD / Dual Layer LCD
  • First impressions of a 15,000 zone backlight
  • Are smaller, high-quality panels being mass-produced?
  • Why are HDR displays so expensive and what are the technologies the FSI uses in its product line?
  • What is FSI delivering at NAB 2020???
  • What future-tech display technology is Bram keeping an eye on? What past tech are we sad that went away?

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