LAB Fundamentals Part 5: Dealing with Saturation

LAB Fundamentals Part 5: Dealing with Saturation

December 12, 2014

In Part 5 of our LAB in DaVinci Resolve series, we answer members questions about dealing with saturation in LAB colorspace.

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Dealing with Saturation in LAB Colorspace

There have been quite a few comments in my previous Insights on LAB Fundamentals. And mostly, the question revolves around dealing with saturation in LAB colorspace.

The questions make a ton of sense. The advantage of LAB is the color separation it gives you, which you can’t precisely replicate in RGB. The disadvantage is how easy it is for those colors to over saturate. Given that problem, here are the questions we’re going to answer in this Insight:

  • Can I just start with an over-saturated LAB correction and then just de-saturate in RGB (as a quick starting point)?
  • Rather than just working in LAB, can we replicate those results by adding saturation in DaVinci Resolve’s RGB mixer?
  • Since LAB does such an interesting job saturating an image, can we use it to desaturate an image?

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5 thoughts on “LAB Fundamentals Part 5: Dealing with Saturation”

  1. Enjoying this alternative way to grade using the LAB process. Do you know how this information is saved or recreated when saving the look to a LUT to pass along the workflow? Can a non-resolve system reproduce the same look from a LUT made with LAB?

    1. Hi Rich! You can save these LAB moves to a LUT as long you don’t do ‘funky’ stuff with the curves, which end up becoming secondary-type effects. And even some of those could still work. I’d definitely do tests of your exports to be sure you don’t get unexpected results.

      It’s doable. But buyer beware.

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