The Heavy Duty Digital Download Kit for DITs

The Heavy Duty Digital Download Kit for DITs

March 16, 2017

Professional DIT Rich Roddman shares his heavy duty digital download kit for on-set data wrangling,helping his buisness grow.

DIT Fundamentals: Part 3

Breaking Down a Heavy Duty Digital Download Kit (for DITs)

Professional DIT Rich Roddman shares with us his latest piece of DIT kit. He’s built this new setup to help his business grow. The problem? As a DIT he can only be in one place at one time. But if he’s booked on a job, why should he turn work away and tell a client, “No”?

Rich is training a small roster of mini-Roddmans to work this new bit of kit; allowing him to be in two places at once.

This new heavy-duty digital download kit is completely self-contained, it doesn’t require a DIT Cart and can be quickly packed up and ready to move to a new location. Rich also explains why he’s been experimenting with a PC laptop on this rig – even though his main DIT Cart is Mac-based.



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7 thoughts on “The Heavy Duty Digital Download Kit for DITs”

  1. Rich,

    I also the use the SKB 4U Studio Flyer for my Self-Contained Loader Kit. Which 1U sliding shelf are you using there, above the 2U drawer? I’m having trouble finding one. I recently took out a 2U Stardom RAID out of mine, and now have 2U of open space to fill. Thanks!

  2. Hi Rich,
    thanks for the great series!
    I was just wondering which program you are using on your windows laptop for offloading media.
    I’m currently using a MacBookPro 15″ for Data Management and my 27″ 5K iMac for DIT work with ShotPutPro/Silverstack and Resolve.
    AFAIK Pomfort says they won’t make a Windows version for Silverstack but I don’t want to miss it’s features because I’m thinking to build myself a Windows workstation.

    1. Hi Vincenzo, What I had in the video was the original Cal Digit Thunderbolt Hub which was Thunderbolt 1. OWC makes several hubs including a Thunderbolt 2 hub and a USB 3.1 hub both of which I own and is taking pre-orders for a Thunderbolt 3 hub to go along with the latest computers that have TB3. I use a 2013 Mac Pro (Trash Can model) on my cart when I am in full DIT mode but I have been looking at what options moving to a PC platform would make for a more efficient system on set. It will be interesting to see when the New iMac Pro hits the market with a 10Gb ethernet connection hooked up to a JellyFish for some super fast transfer speeds.

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