Playing 720p23.976 Inside DaVinci Resolve

Playing 720p23.976 Inside DaVinci Resolve

October 4, 2013

DaVinci Resolve doesn't officially support the specific combination of a 720p frame size playing back at 23.976. Learn how you can force this playback.

Playing 720p23.976 Inside DaVinci Resolve

This seems like a strange Insight… after all, don’t you just select the frame size and frame rate in DaVinci Resolve’s Project Preferences and – POOF – instant playback?

Not so fast.

It turns out that DaVinci Resolve doesn’t officially support the specific combination of a 720p frame size playing back at 23.976.

And since I only get a few of these jobs a year, it’s always a struggle to figure out the combination of pulldowns and checkboxes that allow for proper playback of this codec / frame rate. For some reason, this time around – on a recent job for Loma Linda University Hospital – I couldn’t figure out how I’d done this in the past and reached out to Mixing Light co-founder Robbie Carman… who himself had struggled with this issue, just recently.

Together we got my project set up properly. And I decided to record this, not only because if it’s stumping us it’s likely to stump a few of our members… but because I’ll forget this by the time the next 720p23.976 gig rolls in, and now I’ve got the setup documented.

Bookmark this Insight for the day you need to deal with 720p frame size running at the ‘film frame rate’ . . . until Resolve officially supports this combo, we’ve got some hoops to jump through.

Are you ready?

Note: Special thanks to Loma Linda for their permission to use this project here on Mixing Light!

– pi

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