Streaming Dolby Vision, REC-709a, And Consumer OLED Displays

June 9, 2022

Team Mixing Light, and members, discuss streaming Dolby Vision mp4s; Rec. 709a (what is to be done); and consumer displays for grading.


Office Hours – May 24

Mixing Light Contributors Joey D’Anna and Cullen Kelly join host Patrick Inhofer in leading a Mixing Light Office hours discussion. Today’s discussion included:

  • Real-time streaming for Dolby Vision?
  • Rendering and delivering with multi-resolution clips in a single timeline
  • Why we never (nor anyone should) talk about Rec-709a 🙂
  • The counter-intuitive decision to use a consumer OLED as a reference display

Table of Contents

  • 00:00 – Introduction
  • 00:20 – Cloud projects – Backing up databases and moving projects between cloud and local databases
  • 03:16 – Are project load times affected by the number of collaborators on a project?
  • 04:32 – Enabling Multi-User Collaboration
  • 05:02 – Bin locking and identifying the owner of a bin
  • 05:40 – Quick demo of Collaboration Chat and discussion of the ‘@’ functionality for shared markers and notes
  • 08:51 – Who owns the timeline?
  • 09:00 – Setting Path Mapping to each user’s local drive location (in Project Settings) if you’re not using shared drives like LucidLink.
  • 12:39 – Resolve’s ‘refreshing system’ of project updates that keeps other collaborators from interrupting your workflow
  • 13:23 – DEMO: Multiple users creating multiple timelines simultaneously (not edited down for time, so you can see responsiveness)
  • 15:54 – How to lock a bin to keep collaborators from rearranging shared assets with pre-set contents or folder structure
  • 18:43 – How bin, timeline, and shot locking change depending on the page you’re working in
  • 20:44 – The collaborative workflow on the Color page
  • 22:05 – Patrick gets a ‘Critical Exception’ warning dialog. What’s the best practice for continuing onward?
  • 23:05 – How to organize multiple colorists working on the same timeline in a way that makes sense
  • 25:40 – Using flags on the Color page
  • 27:01 – How do the Gallery and saving stills work with multi-user collaboration?
  • 28:22 – The team tries to troubleshoot how ownership of the Gallery is working
  • 30:27 – Do Annotations flow through to collaborators?
  • 31:32 – We discover that Chat History is to retained across restarts – so you can’t rely on Chat as a way of leaving notes to one another
  • 31:54 – Collaboration on the Fairlight page
  • 35:27 – Zeb shares his general thoughts on Resolve’s Collaboration features (which have been available for several years)
  • 36:21 – The team has a concluding discussion about how they’ve started using Resolve’s new Cloud databases and the opportunities and workflows its enabled
  • 39:34 – Zeb reminds us that you can share remote ‘cloud databases’ from private servers securely behind a VPN. If you have the technical know-how, you can rely on your servers rather than Blackmagic’s Cloud servers.

Resources Mentioned

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