Building Your Edit or Color Grading Suite

This curated guide (through our library of hundreds of color grading tutorials) focuses on ideas for building editing or color grading suites.

Creating & Working With Color Correction Looks

You want to be great at creating Looks – because every one of your clients will ask for a Look, eventually. Mixing Light has a deep bench of ‘Looks’ Insights. These are a sampling of our Insights on the topic of Look creation.

What Is HDR And Dolby Vision And How Do You Create It?

Discover our color grading tutorials and articles on creating HDR and Dolby Vision content. Learn the fundamentals and specific workflows.

What Is ACES And How Do You Use It?

ACES is a newly defined color management system defined by the Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts & Sciences. This series of videos, podcasts, and articles help you learn about ACES, show you how it's be used, and how to use it on your projects.

What Are LUTs And How Do You Work With Them?

Look Up Tables (LUTs) are mathematical transforms. This page guides you through our introductory resources on using LUTs with digital video.

How Do You Use LUTs In DaVinci Resolve?

Are you having trouble using Look Up Tables in DaVinci Resolve? Here are key resources for learning about LUTs, DaVinci Resolve, & workflows.

How Do You Use LUTs in Adobe Creative Cloud?

How do you get LUTs into, out of, or between Creative Cloud apps? What if you want to move LUTs to (or from) non-Adobe software? Get answers.

Staying Up To Date with DaVinci Resolve 15 (and Fusion)

Navigate Mixing Light's Insights Library! Learn key new features, workflows, problems, best practices in DaVinci Resolve 15 & Resolve Fusion 15.