Searching Mixing Light – How It Works And How Members Can Help Improve It

March 6, 2024

Learn how to maximize the search functions built into Mixing Light. Plus, learn how we plan to improve it - and what you can do to help us!

Join the Mixing Light Strike Team for the month of March!

Last week, I held Zoom meetings for Mixing Light members, inviting them to join the Mixing Light Strike Team. The goal of this team is to spend a few weeks re-categorizing our entire catalog of Insights to make the website more searchable and the information within it more findable.

During those meetings, I discovered that many members weren’t aware of all the search features available to them – or the extent to which those features worked. It was suggested to me that I document and share my search demos with the rest of the community.

Learn how to search more effectively on Mixing Light + why you should consider joining the Strike Team

In this Insight, you’ll learn the four main ways of searching Mixing Light. You also learn how to make effective use of our Filter tools, after you’ve done your initial search. For long-time members, I also demo a quick way to re-visit older Insights you may find interesting and want to re-watch.

Then you’ll learn where our current methods of categorizing Insights is falling short. This shortcoming can be frustrating when you know the Insight exists but can’t find it. This is usually because the Insight was tagged as usefully as it could have been – and that’s where the Strike Team comes into play.

The Mixing Light Strike Team – A one-month focused effort to categorize the Insights Library

This month, we are launching an effort to re-categorize every Insight in the Insights Library. In this video you’ll see how we are now working off a re-imagined, documented list of topic categories. That list will be used for the re-tagging effort. I hope it’ll align the entire Library and re-surface relevant Insights in various categories and skills.

Active Mixing LIght members, you’ll see a link below. If you want to join the effort, please click the link and submit your name! This link will close on 20 March 2024.

Watch the video to learn how to search Mixing Light

The 2nd half of the video details what the Strike Team will do to make Mixing Light better serve the entire community! I hope you’ll join us!

PS – If you were at last week’s Zoom meetings, you can expect an email getting you started in the next few days!

PPS – Once the Insights Library has been re-categorized, I’ll republish this Insight as a help tutorial re-explaining things using the new system. For that reason, the video download function for Premium members has been turned off on this Insight until the Strike Team has finished its work.

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