Professional Data Downloads

What Are The Elements Of A Professional Data Download Kit?

March 1, 2017

Are you interested in working On-Set? The 'Data Downloader' is a key player in digital productions. Learn the basic tools of the trade.

Part 2: DIT Fundamentals with Rich Roddman

Building Out Your Data Downloading Kit

In Part 1 of DIT Fundamentals you saw how a professional DIT thinks about their cart. The cart is literally the foundation for their work. After all, the cart is their office. Now let’s take a look at another aspect of the DIT workflow—being the On-Set Data Manager and the Digital Download Kit.

The Tools and Responsibilities of the On-Set Data Manager

As Rich says in this video, the DIT is usually not the Data Manager. The two sets of responsibilities don’t lend to multi-tasking. But he’s not always hired to be a full-blown DIT. He’s often asked to manage the Data files recorded in-camera and safely back them up to multiple hard drives. If the Data Manager does the job correctly then there are three separate back-ups going in three separate directions. This ensures the camera recordings are preserved, even if two of the drives fail (or are lost).

In this Insight, Rich shows us his basic Data Download Kit. You learn what he brings on-set and why he doesn’t trust anyone else to ever provide him with the gear he needs, including card readers and cables.



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