Talking Professional Reference Displays with Bram Desmet of Flanders Scientific

May 25, 2022

Flanders Scientific's CEO visits with Mixing Light members answering questions in this Office Hours conference call.


Office Hours: May 12, 2022

Mixing Light Contributor Cullen Kelly joins host Patrick Inhofer in leading a discussion with Flander’s Scientific’s CEO, Bram Desmet. The topic of the day: Professional reference displays.

Today, the questions we answered included:

  • Does 4k or 8k mastering make a difference for color grading?
  • Can you use an old i1Display colorimeter for calibration?
  • What are the differences between FSI’s different model lines?
  • Can you use single-zone backlight displays for HDR monitoring?
  • What is ‘volumetric collapse’ and how does that relate to OLEDs?
  • Does it make sense to integrate a top-emission OLED into a grading theater for checking theatrical deliverables?
  • And much more…

Table of Contents

(timestamps in bold are member questions)

00:00 – Introductions
01:52 – Patrick asks Bram about the progression of LCD displays over the past 15 years.
03:14 – Bram recounts the cyclical trend of leading display technologies being abandoned before equivalent replacements are available.
04:55 – How FSI uses a mix of display technologies to meet the varied needs of professional users and how the tech has changed over time.
08:06 – How pro display manufacturers are ‘piggy-backing’ off the consumer display market
10:25 – How FSI recently decided to start manufacturing their own backlights since they couldn’t find another commercial solution that allowed them to produce 5,000 nit displays
12:32 – Why Bram thinks its important for FSI to push displays past the 1,000nit threshold
13:18 – How does FSI guide potential customers about the value and performance of lower priced displays?
14:33 – Bram talks about lower priced ‘HDR’ displays and what they’re ‘good enough’ for and where they have flaws
15:42 – They types of HDR displays that FSI won’t produce or market
16:31 – What does it mean if someone says a display has ‘volumetric issues’
20:43 – What are the proper display benchmarks you should evaluate when considering purchasing for HDR mastering?
25:00 – How do we get Resolve to send the HDR flag to consumer displays while we’re grading?
27:00 – Does resolution matter in the grading suite? Specifically 8K vs 4K?

32:49 – Should I swap out my smaller 23″ reference display for a large format 55″ or 65″ display and run with only a single monitor?
34:04 – Bram talks about FSI’s upcoming new 55″ and 65″ displays
36:14 – What does it mean when someone says a display has ‘better stability’? What’s ‘stability’?

37:37 – What’s the life expectancy of the newer models that are being released?
39:32 – If you feed black into your display and leave it turned on, do those hours count towards the lifespan of the display?
41:13 – What about a non-OLED display, the BM170, what’s its life expectancy?
42:13 – Can I use a 6-year-old i1Display colorimeter for calibrating an FSI display using Autocal?
51:18 – What’s the naming mean across the various difference series of FSI displays (BM-series, DM-series, XM-series, etc)?
53:18 – If I own an FSI display and have an i1Display colorimeter then is there an advantage to ship the colorimeter to FSI along with the reference display?
54:51 – Does getting the i1Display colorimeter re-calibrated by FSI every year, and using it with Autocal, replace the need for annually sending in the actual display?
56:43 – A Mixing Light member talks about his 10-year-old FSI display.
57:41 – Is ‘volumetric collapse’ a problem with specific models of OLEDs?
59:53 – Does FSI plan on releasing a 24″ HDR at 1,000nits for under $10k?
1:00:43 – Bram talks about single backlight, non-zoned HDR displays
1:01:28 – Bram talks about full array local dimming (FALD) backlight displays for HDR monitoring – and when it makes sense to pay the premium for those displays
1:05:12 – Upcoming trade shows where you can find FSI
1:05:56 – Does it make sense to integrate a top emission OLED into a color grading theater with a projector? Advantages or drawbacks?
1:09:32 – How do you know if you colorimeter has drifted and how do you know if the device re-calibrating the colorimeter has drifted, itself?!? A conversation ensues…
1:17:07 – Bram invites members to reach out to him with questions.

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