Webinar – End Titles Made Easy Using EndCrawl

November 19, 2020

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EndCrawl: How to make end credits not suck

In the second decade of the 21st century, making end credits doesn’t have to suck. But for most colorists and finishing artists it does. They often get dragged into the process—whether they like it or not—and they don’t realize there’s an easy turnkey solution.

This is why Endcrawl.com exists.

In this Webinar, learn how to use the Endcrawl platform—and their awesome support team—to keep your clients happy. Even if you’re not Endcrawl’s customer! In the process you’ll stay productive (and ensure the spelling mistakes don’t fall onto your shoulders) and get perfect crawls every time. Then, ask your burning questions about anything to do with end titles in the live Q&A section.

Swag will also be served. 😉

Here are the details of this webinar:

Registration Link: https://us02web.zoom.us
Date & Time: December 2, 2020 at 11 AM (Eastern US)
Presenters: Patrick Inhofer with EndCrawl’s Pliny & Alan Grow
Questions & Answers: This webinar does have a Q&A period.
Restrictions: Audience attendance is limited to the first 500 people who log in to the webinar (first come, first serve).
Replay: Mixing Light’s Color Grading Tutorial Library, posted within 48 of the start of the webinar. Free for two weeks.

What (exactly) is EndCrawl?

Endcrawl is a web-based service that solves the end credits process. It’s used by colorists, finishing artists, post supers, producers, editors, DI producers, and studio execs.

  • Build end credits in your browser
  • Collaborate in one place
  • Preview your layout in real time
  • Get one-click renders whenever you like 
  • Make unlimited cloud renders
  • Love your typography
  • Easily support your clients
  • Get a week of your life back.

Endcrawl has been used by over 2,000 films and series like Hamilton, Black Is King, Pennyworth, Moonlight, Free Solo, and Bill + Ted 3.

Learn about the new EndCrawl interface

If you’ve used EndCrawl in previous years then this is a great chance to see their newly released User Interface. It’s designed to feel modern and responsive while simplifying the process of laying out and modifying your crawl.

Click here to register and participate in this live Webinar.

Webinar Leaders

Pliny (John) Eremic

John (“Pliny”) Eremic is a co-founder of Endcrawl.com.

Originally a web developer, Pliny spent 8 years running a DI facility that was later acquired by Panavision/Light Iron. He then spent 6 years as a Director of Workflow at HBO before transitioning to build Endcrawl full-time in 2019.

Alan Grow

Alan Grow is a co-founder of Endcrawl.com.

Alan is a full-stack developer who builds things at the intersection of art & technology. Prior to Endcrawl, he co-founded America’s Got Talent finalist iLuminate, and was Lead Platform Engineer for music hardware & software startup ROLI.


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