What Mac Post Pros Need To Know About Building A Custom PC

Moving From A Mac to PC: Answering Member Questions – Part 2

May 27, 2017

If you need to buy a high-performance video post production computer today, then you're looking at a PC. Here are more answers to questions of Mac users.


Eric Bowen Answers Our Questions: Part 2

We had so many questions in our original series about moving from the Mac to PC, that Eric and I chatted for nearly 90 minutes. Part 1 of this Insight covered the first 45 minutes of our conversation, this Insight covers the last 45 minutes. We are picking directly up, mid-conversation.

Your Questions Answered. In this Podcast…

  • How to you spec out a computer for on-set workflows that cover the full gamut of codecs, cameras and workflows?
  • New MacPro (trashcan) vs PCs for DIT setups
  • What is the biggest requirement for DITs when selecting a computer platform?
  • Custom building PC laptops for media professionals
  • Closed & Open Loop water cooling in professional PC workstation?
  • Why not just buy a gaming rig?
  • BIOS Settings: What impact do they have on post-production PC workstations?
  • How voltage settings optimize memory performance (and real time playback and render speeds)
  • How do you determine your battery backup needs?
    • Do you measure VA rating or Watts rating?
    • What is the difference between initialization load vs utilization load
    • The importance of providing 100% initialization load for your battery backup
    • Why you need 100% power initialization on boot and what happens if you under-power your battery backup?
    • What is Line Interactive Universal Power Supply vs Stand-by UPS?
    • Sine Wave vs Simulated Sine Wave: Which should you use?
  • How does an GPU Expansion Chassis magically provide full-bandwidth performance (or not)?
  • What should you put in a GPU Expansion Chassis?
  • Ryzan, DDR5, PCIe4: Quick thoughts about these emerging techologies

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