We Deliver Ah-HA! Color Correction Tutorials. Weekly.

Where Do You Find a Spark?

Learning software? Easy. Learning how to effectively USE that software? Ah-HA! Mixing Light delivers sparks of color correction clarity. Monthly.

Are You Searching for Insights?

Color correction can make us all feel ‘untalented’. We teach the little things that make a big difference. You never know where you’ll find an Ah-HA! insight.

Training that grows with you.

With multiple levels of difficulty—as your insights deepen, we have articles for you. Basic to Expert. Interface, theory, technique, business.

Insights. The Library.

The Insights Library is the core of our Membership
experience. Insights is filled with quick text and video
articles getting you from How-To to When & Why.

Stop Feeling Untalented. 
Isn’t software training everywhere? Except training that creates moments of sudden clarity? Training that makes
you go: Ah-HA! and helps you become (and feel) more talented. Isn’t THAT what you’re really after?

The Insights Library.
Insights are single-thought tips geared to making color correction click for you. They’re both video and text. Which one of our Insights will be one of your Ah-HA! moments?
Find out.


A sample of recent articles from The Library:

2017-02-17 17:38:45

ML 0592


2017-02-15 12:14:15

ML 0594


2017-02-14 14:05:29

ML 0593


For Busy Professionals.

The Insights Library is designed for quick moments of learning!

Flanders Scientific CM250 OLED Color Correction Display

Ah-HA! Moments. They’re Bite-Sized.

What’s an Ah-HA! moment? It’s a moment when a focused idea finally clicks. We aim to present focused ideas… which has the side-benefit of keeping things short.  Visit the Insights Library in the middle of a render. During lunch. On the train.

Training that respects you.

Have you ever had a video auto-play while your client is on a conference call—and then have them glare at you?

We’ve been there and hate it too. That’s why, like Kahn being exiled to Ceti Alpha V, there are no auto-starts here!

 Multiple Insights. Personalities.

With 3 Colorists and 40+ years experience,
you’ll find multiple approaches that connect to you.

Find a voice that works for you.
What’s the best way of finding insights that pay off big? Multiple perspectives!

At Mixing Light that concept is literally in our DNA—we’re three professional colorists who present a variety of opinions, personalities and insights. What are our specialties?

Robbie grades tons of broadcast, docs and political programming, Dan is heavy into music videos and short form, Patrick specializes in indie features, broadcast and docs.

All of us have been training others in the craft of color correction for many years – with books, seminars, videos,
trade shows and one-on-one. Between the three of us we’ve helped thousands find their way through color correction.

It’s more than a Blog,

And easier than YouTube.

If you think free doesn’t have a price, think again!

Like a Blog. But on a Schedule.

Sharing insights—can’t you get that from a blog, for free? Sure. But over time, individual blogs tend to dry up.

Mixing Light is 100% committed to delivering fresh content on schedule. Every. Single. Month.

Like YouTube. But Useful.

Aren’t there great free color correction videos on the internet? Sure, but would you trust your career to being able to find them? Us neither.

Instead: Make Mixing Light your first stop for making sense about color grading. You can filter articles, click on tagged keywords or use our Search tool.

Is Mixing Light for YOU?

2 Reasons to Figure It Out, Today…

First, take the FREE Ah-HA! Challenge. Then, lock in your member price—for life!*

FREE: The 24-Hour Test Drive

Are you hesitant to make the monthly commitment? Join us for 24 hours as a full member. FREE**. No credit card required. After one of our Insights articles sparks a moment of color correction clarity on a topic that has eluded you,
go ahead and—

Lock in your price. For Life*.

Our monthly and and yearly plans are two great ways find your own color grading insight. Join now to lock in your price—for life!*  As the Insights Library grows, you won’t have to worry about future price increases.

*Guarantee only valid for continuous non-lapsing members. Lapsed members rejoin at full price.

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With monthly and yearly plans available, we can help you find your own color grading insight today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer refunds?

We created the Free Test Drive to give you a no-obligation, no credit card necessary method of being sure this site is for you. You’ll have full access to the content that monthly members access.

If after becoming a member you decide to cancel, either do so from your PayPal account or send us an email from the Contact Us form. You will have full access to the site until the end of your current billing cycle.

Paypal? Don't you have a credit card / debit option?
YES! Just click the Join Now button and you’ll be taken to our secure credit card page. Note: We have zero access to your credit card information and do not store your billing information on any of our systems.
Can I download your Videos?
Yes! Paid monthly members can download the source files for every video. Test Drivers have streaming-only access.
How often are new Insights Articles released?
Every month you can expect to see 6 – 12 new articles, released on a regular basis. The exact number and mix of Video, Text and Audio articles will vary from month to month. The exact release schedule will also vary from week-to-week and month-to-month.
I don't want to pay with Paypal, what's my other option?
Mixing Light has a direct credit card /debit card option, enabling you to never have to leave this site when signing up… just click the Join Now button. Note: Subscribing using PayPal  will enable you to cancel their subscription with the click of button—rather than having to email us and wait for us to do it.
I'm struggling with a topic can I send you a request?
Of course! If you have any thoughts or areas you would be interested in seeing us cover please go straight to the contact form and let us know. We’re always listening to what you say and need so we can offer the best topics for our members.





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