Inside Look – Nobe OmniScopes And The New QC Timeline Panel

October 17, 2023

A discussion with Tom Huczek, creator of Nobe Omniscope. Learn about its new QC Timeline panel and how our Contributors use it day-to-day.


Office Hours LIVE! – Talking With Tom Huczek, Creator of Nobe OmniScope

Mixing Light contributors Joey D’Anna and Zeb Chadfield join host and Mixing Light CEO Patrick Inhofer for a tour of Nobe Omniscope with software developer and founder of Time In Pixels, Tom Huczek.

A new version of Omniscope was just released, and the major focus of this Office Hours LIVE! session is going through the features, benefits, and workflows on how to use it.

Today’s topics include:

  • Recent DaVinci Resolve updates
  • Blackmagic Cloud changes
  • How Tom began developing tools for video
  • Uses of False Color
  • How to get started with Nobe Omniscope
  • Using Omniscope’s QC tools
  • Different ways to use and set up the scopes

Mentioned in this Insight

  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 01:10 – What Contributors Have Recently Learned
  • 09:01 – Introducing Tom
  • 12:15 – How Joey uses False Color
  • 13:45 – The origin of Nobe Display
  • 16:42 – The ways Omniscope can receive a signal
  • 19:49 – How Zeb and Joey connect to OmniScope from their workstations
  • 25:49 – How Tom handles feedback and support
  • 28:21 – Starting Omniscope
  • 30:02 – QC tools and options
  • 42:50 – Getting a Trial License
  • 45:40 – Using multiple inputs
  • 49:59 – Creating presets
  • 51:45 – Latency
  • 54:14 – How Each Contributor Uses Omniscope

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