Office Hours Live – NAB 2024 What We Expected + iPad Calibration

April 23, 2024

We discuss what we expected at NAB 2024, calibrating an iPad Pro, and how/if we're using the headline Resolve features of prior years.


Plus, Answering Member Questions — 27 March 2024

In this edition of Office Hours LIVE! Contributors Zeb Chadfield, Joey D’Anna, Bernd Klimm, and Jason Bowdach join Mixing Light CEO Patrick Inhofer in anticipation of NAB 2024.

This year, the South Hall is back! The crowds are back!

All our contributors are excited about the annual trade show dedicated to the art and craft of filmmaking and broadcasting.

Today’s conversation includes:

  • Looking forward to DaVinci Resolve 19 – thoughts and feature requests.
  • Does Blackmagic’s ‘Public Beta’ development cycle positively impact the software?
  • Patrick hopes Blackmagic fixes the sheer terror he feels when working on a cloud database and the computer loses its internet connection.
  • Zeb, Berndt, and Patrick offer several improvements to cloud projects and databases.
  • Resolve headline features from years past that we’re not using anymore.
  • Getting better results with Magic Mask and Face Refinement.
  • Bernd’s Blackmagic Speed Editor collects dust while Joey raves about his jog wheels.
  • Scott is hopeful the Face Refinement OFX will get a facelift.
  • How to calibrate an iPad Pro for client review.
  • Color management using Resolve, from Rec709 to DaVinci Wide Gamut, and back to Rec709.
  • Resolve headline features from years past – positively impacting our workflows?
  • Using Magic Mask in Fusion assists the Delta Keyer and gets good green screen results faster.
  • Blackmagic Cloud is massively benefiting Zeb’s company – including with live client reviews.
  • Using the Depth Map effect for alternative uses – and its limitations.
  • Using the Lens Flare effect to soften blown-out details.
  • DCTLs that allow 3rd party developers to create new tools for their users.
  • Flanders Scientific’s Quantum Dot OLED displays — but is the 31” or the 50” the ideal form factor for professional post production?

Member Questions answered:

  • Does it make sense to calibrate an iPad Pro for client review? The team answers with important caveats to consider, plus a few optimization tips.
  • The Blackmagic Streaming app is a great tool for more reliable remote client reviews.
  • Moving from Rec 709 to DaVinci Wide Gamut to Rec 709: Is this workflow valid since it generates many artifacts?

As it turned out, our speculation was (mostly) on point! Here are a few notable DaVinci Resolve updates we’ll be talking about in the coming years:

Did you attend NAB this year or watch from the sidelines?

We want to know your favorite announcement (or perhaps Blackmagic’s greatest misstep) in the comments below!

– Patrick

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