Resolve 17

A Mixing Light Special Report – Resolve 17 First Impressions Roundtable

November 11, 2020

Blackmagic Design just announced Resolve 17. We jump on a call to discuss the release, its timing, new features, and our initial thoughts.

Resolve 17: Blackmagic Design Delivers A Gigantic Feature & Workflow Release

On Monday, November 9th, 2020 Blackmagic released a much-anticipated version of Resolve – Resolve 17.

Like many of you, Team Mixing Light is super excited about Resolve 17. As you’ll hear, there is just so much in this release to be excited about! In the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing a plethora of Resolve 17 centric Insights (and please let us know if you want something specifically covered) but with so many cool new features, fixes, and workflow enhancements we decided to sit down to discuss our initial thoughts on this release.

And talk we did!  At just shy of 90 minutes, we discuss many aspects of this release including:

  • Timing of the release
  • Is Blackmagic breaking from the NAB announcement, IBC release schedule, and is that good or bad?
  • New features we each love, that might not be that obvious
  • Big new features like the Color Warper and HDR/Zoned grading toolsets
  • RCM 2
  • Amazing Dolby Atmos support and the growing capabilities of the Fairlight page
  • Resolve as a ‘super tool’.

Even in 90 minutes, we couldn’t cover everything to talk about!  Be sure to check out the New Features PDF (250+ pages) that’s included with the Resolve/Studio installer. Don’t forget to read Joey’s excellent Resolve 17 article with his favorite new features.

Questions or something to add to the conversation?  Please use the comments below.


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