An Overview of the Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad

An Overview of the Logitech G13 Gaming Keypad For Use By Colorists

January 12, 2017

Get an overview of how the Logitech G13 Gaming keypad works - with ideas on how it can speed up your video post-production workflow.

Day 12: 25 Insights in 25 Days New Year Marathon

The How and Why of Using a Gaming Keypad to Speed Up Your Work

There are all sorts of ways to speed up your color correction work. The most obvious is to add a colorist control surface to your setup. Less obvious is to take a page from gamers and adapt their hardware to our needs. I’ve previously looked at one such device, the Razer Orbweaver Chroma.

The Logitech G13 is another keypad I’ve been asked to review

The Logitech G13 is a competitor to the Orbweaver. And at half the price but with an added LCD screen, it seems like a pretty good value.

This Insight gives you a close look at how the G13 works

We examine the software that controls the G13. And once it’s programmed, if you can take your programming with you between multiple systems? You’ll also see how the LCD screen works and if I’d buy the G13 over the Orbweaver based on that LCD screen?

In a later Insight, I’ll do a comparison of the Orbweaver and the G13

I haven’t been using the G13 long enough to do a proper comparison between these two similar Keypads. In a few weeks, I’ll follow up this Insight where I compare and contrast the two devices and offer a recommendation for purchase.

Just remember… I LOVE the Orbweaver. It has become an indispensable bit of kit for me. And I can guarantee, whichever of these keypads you decide to buy – it won’t be a mistake.

Use the Comments to ask questions you want me to address in my follow-up Insight




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  • lee daley

    Great Insight, I’ve been using one for a year or so and It’s made my life a hell of a lot more simple using it with the different bits of software I use.

  • Jelle Helwig

    One note on your comments of the ‘Profiles to go’ function. You don’t really need to transfer the profile from the device to the computer in order to get them to work. They also work when stored on the device. This is handy when you work for several different companies. Just ask them to install the driver software and then when you show up, just plug-in your device and you’re good to go.

  • Patrick Inhofer

    Thanks for that clarification! It’s a behavior I like even more.

    When you work this way (with the mappings that are stored on the G13 itself) can you update those mappings as you’re working? Or do you need it to copy the mappings to the computer to make changes?

  • lee daley

    You can update the layout while you are working as long as the layout is stored on the G13 when you save it will update. Although I have had it fail on me a few times, could be because I run an older version of the firmwear due to issues with the newer ones on Windows

  • andi winter

    acutally, you can use the display via lua-scripting. but you will have to use the older software and it is not bug-free so to say. i once made a small video explaining this… when i find time i can upload this. with lua you are also able to program mouse clicks and the like based on coordinates, totally without the use of controller-mate. so, no myth, just not supported officially anymore. and with the old software there are drawbacks: no profiles to go and the like (i do think, i don’t know exactly to be honest!).

    here some screenshots of my setup, i used to use it a lot more, now i am using it in conjunction with my cooper-eclipse, xkeys 80, and midi-fighter-twister. therefore the hand-made-color-labels aren’t up to date anymore etc.:

  • andi winter

    double posted pix… sorry for that!

  • Jelle Helwig

    Just like Lee says! Altough for me it never failed to update the mappings.

  • R.NeilHaugen

    I noted that in a recent conclusion on working with conforming PrPro projects into Resolve, the OrbWeaver was not in sight, but the G13 was. Are you switched over to using this now instead of the OrbWeaver?

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