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The DaVinci Resolve Accelerator

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Shave months (or years) off your DaVinci Resolve learning curve with Mixing Light’s ‘All-Access’ 12-month (not a subscription) membership. Get a structured foundation for mastering DaVinci Resolve – and a community that keeps you learning, growing, and working.

DaVinci Resolve is easy to install. But do you keep searching for tutorials for even the most basic tasks?

Does it seem that every time you try to do something interesting, you get tripped up by a fundamental problem you can’t decipher?

Become productive with DaVinci Resolve.
Ask questions. Stay current.

Learn from our team of post production and on-set professionals

Mixing Light's team of post production professionals.

Our DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals series gets you working confidently and focusing on your work

We’ve spent a decade onboarding creative professionals to DaVinci Resolve.

Resolve keeps getting more powerful and complex at a relentless pace. Mixing Light has spent a decade helping others make sense of it. The secret is first to learn the foundations that have supported the software for years – and then you’ll move on to the sexy features confidently.

Begin with the Fundamentals.

Resolve has a particular way of working. Resolve’s many interdependent features are best learned in a step-by-step, guided approach. But the app is so big you must learn it in bite-sized pieces. That’s how our training courses are designed.

Then branch out to specific topics.

Once you’ve learned the fundamentals, you’re ready to dig deeper using online tutorials, including Mixing Light’s ever-growing 1,100+ Insights Tutorial Library.

Mixing Light’s DaVinci Resolve 3-Step Learning Process:

The DaVinci Resolve ACCELERATOR Plan

$439 if purchased separately

This All-Access Accelerator Membership is a $115 savings (26% discount) compared to purchasing everything individually for one year.

The Davinci Resolve Accelerator
All-Access Membership Details

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 101: The Quickstart

Having trouble understanding DaVinci Resolve? Is it frustrating you? This Course makes you competent in Resolve, getting you working again. Learn how Projects work, import and organize your footage, create and edit timelines, color correct and mix your footage, and then render it out for all the world to see! Stop being frustrated and start working again!

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 102 – Optimizations and Workflows

Is DaVinci Resolve choppy, unresponsive, slow, or error-prone? Are you unsure how to move projects between computers or share timelines with other software? How do you work around timelines that won’t play back in real-time? Are you looking for strategies for working more quickly in DaVinci Resolve? After this course, you’ll know how to stop feeling like Resolve is holding you back and become much more productive and satisfied using DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 102 – Learning to Edit on the Cut Page

Does editing in the Cut Page feel overly difficult and exhausting, or does it make no sense? This Course teaches the fundamentals of non-linear editing on the Cut Page – plus how to ‘up your game’ with the Blackmagic Speed Editor. When completed, you will worry less about the software and focus on bringing your stories to life.

DaVinci Resolve Fundamentals 102 – Skill Up On The Color Page

Is Resolve’s Color Page confusing? Are tracking & keyframing difficult? Does the Node Graph seem mystical? Can’t decide which tool to use first? Learn a logical, structured approach to working on the Color Page in a color-managed project. Master concepts like Primary and Secondary corrections; amp up your Power Window keyframing skills; work faster with the HSL Qualifier and 3D Keyer; build your color correction muscle memory using a fixed node tree. Move down the road to Color Page mastery and start feeling good about color correcting in DaVinci Resolve.

DaVinci Resolve 103 – Automations and Solutions For Common Problems

DaVinci Resolve offers many ways to solve the same problem – each solution with its benefits. Many solutions are ‘automated,’ and others can have multiple answers with varying effects on your images. Designed for editors and colorists, this course takes a solution-based approach to explore DaVinci Resolve, focusing on problems that can be solved in many ways.

  • The fundamentals in this course are relevant to all recent versions of DaVinci Resolve and were recorded in DaVinci Resolve 17.
  • Resolve updates, if necessary, will be added as new versions are released.
  • Works with both the free and paid versions of DaVinci Resolve.
  • All training courses include streaming tutorials, downloadable media, Project files, and timelines for you to follow along step-by-step.
  • The Quickstart includes Project Media, VO, and scripts for assembling, editing, color correcting, audio mixing, and rendering – to build your DaVinci Resolve muscle memory.
  • An online learning management system that allows you to keep track of where you’ve left off.

All Access membership includes access to two color grading practice projects. These are perfect for experimenting with new plugins, developing your color correction muscle memory, and testing workflows or software features you’re trying to understand.

‘In The Shadow Of Giants’: Documenting Artistic Struggles In Paris

Practice color correcting a 10-minute documentary short film about the Montmartre, Paris portrait artists. 8 artists, 8 styles, 1 subject & filmed on three cameras, including a mix of CinemaDNG raw and log-recorded footage.

‘Mother Died’: A Beautifully Horrifying Practice Project

Practice color correcting a short film with “Mother Died” – a gorgeous short (with a zombie twist). Color the original RED raw footage. Perfect for getting comfortable in and testing new color-managed workflows, including ACES and Resolve Color Management (RCM).

  • Every DaVinci Resolve All-Access membership includes Premium Membership benefits to the Insights Tutorial Library.
  • Premium Access allows you to download any video or audio tutorial and build your Insights library for offline playback.
  • Insights are created by post production professionals (colorists, editors, DITs, VFX artists, and workflow specialists) with proven client management skills. Each Contributor has many years of real-world experience. You don’t have to worry about learning techniques and tips that look good but are impossible to execute on actual projects.
  • Every Insight tutorial has a discussion thread for asking questions, getting clarifications, or sharing your personal experience on the topic being taught.
  • On average, 7-12 Insights are released each month. Topics are driven by member requests and the problems or solutions that grab the attention of our Contributors.
  • Build a personal Playlists of Insight tutorials. Arrange them around any topic that makes sense to you, and easily find your favorite Insights anytime.
  • Participate in Office Hours LIVE! Ask questions to Mixing Light Contributors and get answers in a live members-only roundtable discussion.
  • Communicate with Mixing Light members and Contributors in a range of member-only forums.
  • Stay up-to-date with every comment left on any Insight tutorial. Insight comments are also forum posts. If a comment is left on a 4-year-old Insight, you’ll be alerted through the forum. It’s a great way to find interesting Insights you may have missed.
  • Access the Mixing Light Forum notification Slack channel. Our notification Slack channel is an easy way to keep track of new Insights and forum posts.


All-Access Accelerator includes everything in a Premium Membership, plus it gives you INSTANT access to all Resolve Fundamentals courses AND both Practice Projects. Plus, All-Access is a 12-month, non-recurring membership. It is NOT a subscription.

Since All-Access Accelerator members get instant access to EVERY Resolve Fundamentals course, they don’t accrue credits to access Courses.

If you’re a facility or production company interested in an All-Access Accelerator Membership (that is non-renewing), contact us and ask. We will custom-quote it for you (with generous discounts for bulk memberships). The only difference is the Corporate version doesn’t include Practice Projects. Be sure to specify the number of people who will get accounts (which can be re-assigned at any time).

Our membership software prevents proration (discounting) when moving between subscription and non-subscription memberships. Therefore, any time remaining on current recurring memberships will be lost. Before cross-grading, think carefully. Members can always check billing details for the renewal date of their current membership from the My Account page.

After your 12-month membership ends, you will lose access to the Courses, Insights Library, Practice Projects, and Forum. This is no automatic renewal!

There are a ton of materials you will have downloaded at the end of your All-Access term. They are yours to keep! But you will still be bound by Mixing Light’s Terms of Service regarding those assets (primarily, they are only for your personal use and can not be distributed in any manner – including among classrooms, corporate intranets, or shared/uploaded online).

Anything already purchased, you will retain access after this membership level expires.

$439 if purchased separately

All-Access Accelerator is a $115 savings (26% discount) compared to purchasing everything individually