The Future of OLED and LCD Display Technology with Bram Desmet

OLED vs LCD And The Future Of Display Technology

May 5, 2018

Where does the battle of OLED vs LCD sit today and what are their comparative advantages (and challenges)? The CEO of Flanders Scientific answers questions about the state of display technology in 2018.

In the OLED vs LCD battle, which is likely to win?

Earlier this year Robbie hosted Bram Desmet of Flanders Scientific as Bram showed off his latest large-format OLED, the XM650U. We took the opportunity to bring in a camera crew and grill Bram with questions we think you’d like to hear a display technology expert opine. In this Insight, Patrick chats with Bram about the state of display technology in 2018. And where Bram thinks the technology is moving over the next two years?

Perhaps the most interesting question that Bram answers: Does today’s OLED have an Achilles Heel that will eventually give LCDs the lead for professional displays?

Bram also talks about the direction of MicroLED and the advantages of Quantum Dot.



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