Office Hours Live: NAB 2024 Recap and DaVinci Resolve 19 Public Beta

June 27, 2024

We discuss insights from NAB2024 & the Resolve 19 Beta. Join Daria Fissoun & guests as they delve into Blackmagic's latest tools & hardware.


23 May 2024: New Tools and New Hardware From Blackmagic

On this edition of Office Hours Live host Daria Fissoun is joined by Bernd Klimm, Jason Bowdach, Joey D’Anna, and Mixing Light CEO Patrick Inhofer. We are back from NAB and have had a few weeks to explore the DaVinci Resolve 19 public beta. If you are new to NAB we discuss our tips for an easy commute to the show hall, share what we saw this year, and answer your questions!

Question 1

Mixing Light Member, Stefano:

When you grab a still in the Color page and export it as a JPG or a TIFF, what is the color space of the exported image? Is it what I am working on in the timeline or is it converted to sRGB?

Question 2

Mixing Light contributor Jamie Dickinson:

What color math does the [Resolve 19] Color Slicer use? How do these color models compare to OFX plugins and PixelTools?

The conversion also included:

  • The Mixing Light team at NAB 2024
  • Daria and Joey represent BlackMagic on the showroom floor
  • What’s the best way to get around Vegas during NAB?
  • Jason shares his tips on riding the monorail
  • Joey weighs in on the benefits of taxis and Ubers
  • The pros and cons of large trade shows
  • Developing client and vendor relationships
  • Color Management of the stills gallery
  • How the Fusion page varies viewer exports
  • Resolve 19’s new Color Slicer tool
  • But it’s not color space aware… and what that means for ACES users
  • First impressions with the Mini panel
  • It’s a volumetric shaping tool (not a qualifier)
  • What’s new in the Fusion page with Resolve 19
  • New AI tracker: Intellitrack
  • Universal Scene Description
  • Thoughts on the new Blackmagic Micro Panel
  • The build quality is excellent (for the price)
  • It adds many new features, including a qualifier picker and pan/zoom controls
  • Is this the direction future panels will go?

Publisher’s Note: Audio-Only Insight

Our Office Hours are usually video recordings. Unfortunately, due to a set-up problem, this Zoom call is being distributed as an Audio-Only Insight. Luckily, no screen shares were necessary, so it’s an easy conversation to follow.

Mentioned in this Insight:

How is the Resolve 19 Beta Working for You?

Are you the kind of user who wants to dive in and try out everything new? Or do you prefer to keep a stable build on your machine and leave the test drive for the rest of us? Are there any surprises in Resolve that may have gone unreported? Leave a comment and let us know!

– Daria

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