How to neatly wire your sit-to-stand desk

How To Neatly Wire Your Sit-To-Stand Desk

July 30, 2017

Once you've properly designed an ergonomic desk for editing or color correction, you need to make it look professional - and mount your computer displays.


Ergonomics Part 2: Making Your Desk Look Professional (with a word about monitor mounting arms)

In Part 1 we explored the various moving parts for building an ergonomic work desk, using the recent rebuild of my grading suite as an example. But when building your desk there are other considerations you need to keep in mind. One of them… is keeping your workspace looking professional. This can be especially challenging with a sit-to-stand since any mess of wires normally hidden under your desk become fully exposed in the stand position. Here in Part 2, you’ll learn how to neatly wire your sit-to-stand desk. We’ll also talk about the two different types of monitor mounts I used, and why I bailed out of using the first set of mounts I bought.

In the Video Insight below I cover quite a few products, from wire ties to under-desk power strips. I’ve listed them below, with links, to help you easily find these products:

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      You have trouble finding studs? Hmmm … think I’ll pass on that one … and just say that there’s some good info here, and I’m waiting most impatiently for the final episode. I think it’s time for me to move forward with an auxiliary keypad in my own “suite”. Also trying to convince The Missus that replacing my current huge 90* wrap-around desk with something like this would be beneficial enough to spring for the moolah. I ain’t so young anymore. I like being able to work a while, and then, be able to sleep well at night!

    • charles l

      I know i’m a bit late to the discussion but be carefull with those zip ties. You really need flush cutters so that you don’t have a tiny bit of plastic sticking out. I’ve worked in racks with that kind of wrongly trimmed zip ties and it can be painfull. In racks, I now use Panduit Velcro strips. They come in rolls the size of an electrical tape. It’s slick, reusable and you could screw them in the furniture with a washer so it doesn’t rip. You can’t overtight them like zip ties. That could damage cables.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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