Elsewhere On The Web: Netflix Recommended Displays (and more)

November 26, 2021

This series returns with stories on Netflix recommended displays; being a better colorist; color harmonies; and note-taking.


Valuable color grading insights that aren’t on Mixing Light

This Insight is part of a Mixing Light series rounding up useful non-Mixing Light articles, tutorials, and podcasts. They are culled from my TaoOfColor.com weekly Color Grading Newsletter (click through to read the most recent edition and subscribe). In this series, I gather non-Mixing Light stories that I think our members will find interesting. Craft, workflow, technique, gear – if I think an item published in the Newsletter deserves special mention and recognition then I put them in this series. Enjoy!

About these six items

It’s been a long time since I did a roundup of content from elsewhere on the web. These insights are all culled from the first 9 months of 2021 stories that I shared in my weekly newsletter.

1. Netflix Recommended Client Displays

In this document, we lay out possible scenarios and solutions, as well as some of their risks and benefits, to help inform on what resources may be available and fit within our technical and security guidance. To be clear, this is not a requirements document nor is it an official endorsement of any solutions referred to. This information is solely provided to engage collaboration and discussion and to share what we know.

-Netflix Partner Help Center

Last updated in August of 2020, this Netflix document is still relevant today. The helpful part is that the specific hardware recommendations are categorized into HDR (high dynamic range) and SDR (standard dynamic range) workflows. Plus, reference or review viewing environments. If you’re looking at purchasing a display for color grading, this is a good place to start and see what category Netflix thinks your display falls into.

This document was initially published to assist creatives in work-from-home situations during pandemic lockdowns. It also does a great job summarizing calibration software, client review approval solutions for HDR and SDR material (both for live streaming sessions and ‘non-live’ situations), professional file transfer software, and general data management security considerations.

If nothing else, I recommend scanning this document for ideas you may have missed and might want to consider. Finally, there’s a sidebar of ‘related content’. There’s plenty of worthwhile additional reading on the subject of color-critical workflows and setups.

You may want to visit this page for the additional ‘related articles’ on the subject of work-from-home setups and color-critical workflows.

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