Scene Cut Detect: Dealing with dissolves

Scene Cut Detect (& Preconformed Workflows): Dealing with dissolves

December 4, 2013

When using Scene Cut Detect (or Preconforming) in DaVinci Resolve, how do you deal with Dissolves? Watch the video and learn the very simple answer.


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Scene Cut Detect: Dealing with dissolves

In a previous Insight Dan Moran demo’ed the PreConform workflow to take a flat file of a finished project and chop it up into individual shots.

It’s a terrific workflow that eliminates the confusion associated with XML imports from NLEs. But it’s not without its challenges either.

One MixingLight member, in the comments of Dan’s Insight, asked how to deal with dissolves?

This Insight shows you how I handle dissolves when doing Scene Cut Detection (and the process is precisely the same in the PreConform workflow). The key to dealing with dissolves is looking at the name of the function we’re using… Scene. CUT. Detection.

Watch the video to see why I ignore dissolves, fades, wipes or anything else that isn’t a straight cut – and how / why I add them back in later!

That’s what the comments are for! Let me know what you think of this Insight.

– pat

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    • James L

      That was wonderfully useful and perfectly timed! I’ve got a rush job on a doc coming up where there’s no time or budget for what would be a complicated conform and had been wondering how to make the quickest work of the dissolves if I use the scene cut detector on a flattened master. Many, many thanks!

    • Patrick Inhofer


      You’re quite welcome!

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