Matching Shots with LUTs

Matching Shots While Working With Look-Up Tables

April 12, 2014

In this video we try matching shots with LUTs applied - and leanr how using the RGB parade scope helps us get the job done.

Matching Shots with LUTs (using RGB Waveforms)

Shot matching is a key skill for anyone doing color correction. Well matched shots add tremendous production value to a project and enhance the effectiveness of the narrative by not forcing the audience to expend effort to maintain their suspension of disbelief.

Because of its importance to the craft, here on MixingLight you’ll start noticing more Insights on how we go about matching shots.

Matching Shots ‘Under’ a LUT

In this Insight I pull up two shots that need to cut together. In this scenario, I’ve applied the OpenFX plug-in FilmConvertPro to help me get to a warmer, filmic feel a little more quickly. But once I’ve got the first shot where I want the initial exposure and balance, I find it hard to get the two to match since the Look Up Table is manipulating the image ‘on top’ of my corrections.

Watch this video Insight to see how I go about matching shots with LUTs applied to them, to help simplify the process and achieve more consistent results.

Also notice how once I’ve got the shots to match I make a quick tweak to the black balance in one of the shots… and how easy it is to apply it to the other shot – now that overall they match each other.

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