DaVinci Resolve Studio – Exclusive Features for the Paid Version

May 7, 2016

Learn how Resolve Studio 12.5, the paid version of Resolve, is starting to get siginificant features that free users will want.


Version 12.5 Marks New Thinking About ‘Resolve Studio’

Whenever a major new version of DaVinci Resolve is released, the first thing I do is print out the Read Me in the installer. Blackmagic tends to list out every new feature, broken down overall task. It a useful document. But one of the things I noticed this time around were the DaVinci Resolve Studio exclusive feature.

DaVinci Resolve Studio Rising

For years, the only real differentiator between DaVinci Resolve ‘paid’ and DaVinci Resolve ‘free’ is that the paid version supports shared workgroups, free doesn’t. With the release of Resolve 12.5, that is changing.

Over and over, the documentation keeps calling out newly added features that have nothing to do with workgroup enhancements. Some Studio-only features are things that editors and colorists purchase a plug-in, to supplement Resolve’s core toolset.

Each of these features, on their own, don’t make for a compelling upgrade to the $995 DaVinci Resolve Studio (or $495 Mac App Store version). But taken together, they are starting to add up.

This Insight will cover updates to existing Studio-only Features, plus explore new ones

  • We’ll take a quick look at the changes to the Temporal and Spatial Noise Reduction tools – plus explain a more cosmetic change to these tools.
  • Then we’ll look at the HDR (high dynamic range) options reserved specifically for DaVinci Resolve Studio users.
DaVinci Resolve Studio 12.5 seems the start of a new trend.

Blackmagic is starting to think of ways to add compelling reasons to upgrade to the Studio version—beyond merely adding ‘studio-level’ features. For years, owners of DaVinci Resolve Studio have been feeling slighted – if not for the free updates they might have gotten ornery about having paid for software with features they almost never use (or available at a much cheaper price elsewhere). Starting with 12.5, Studio is standing on  its own. By the time we get through Part 2 it’ll be obvious that Resolve Studio is for editors and colorists who have client-driven needs that they need to fulfill.

What I like is that the free Davinci Resolve 12.5 isn’t hobbled software. It’s fully functional in every sense of the word. The new features being held back for Studio users really are features that client-driven professionals want. For everyone else, they nice-to-have features but not deal-killers. I join with Blackmagic hoping that this compels more users to upgrade to the paid version… since that’ll encourage Blackmagic to continue with their current blistering pace of software development.

The next Insight will finish up this discussion

There are almost another dozen individual features, exclusive to Resolve Studio v12.5 that have nothing to do with collaborative workgroups. And we’ll cover those in detail.



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