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Building A Dynamic Demo Reel With Dávid Láposi – Mailbag LIVE!

May 13, 2021

Team Mixing Light hosts Hungarian colorist Dávid Láposi to discuss creating a personal, story-based demo reel to help advance your career.


Creating A Demo Reel That Tells YOUR Story

A good demo reel can be the difference between landing a new project and the client choosing a different colorist. But how do you go about building a demo reel that’s not only going to showcase your work but capture the attention of a prospective client?

We’ve received a bunch of questions recently about building demo reels. Team Mixing Light has our own opinions but when we saw the demo reel of Hungarian colorist and finishing artist Dávid Láposi we knew we had to talk to him about building a compelling, personal demo reel.

In this Mailbag Live, on a Zoom conference call (including Mixing Light members and Contributors) we talked with Dávid about:

• What does he consider a good demo reel?
• Why take a storytelling approach to a demo reel?
• What went into the planning of his demo reel?
• What challenges did he face in production and post?

(Editor’s Note: Check back here soon, we’ll post timestamps of our conversation)

Before we jump into our conference call, check out Dávid’s reel that started this whole conversation:


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