Remote Media Sharing and Collaboration – Featuring Hedge’s Postlab

August 5, 2022

Mixing Light Contributors talk with's Isaac Terronez about affordable remote collaboration using Postlab and Postlab Drive.


Office Hours – July 14, 2022

Mixing Light Contributors R. Neil Haugen, Peder Morgenthaler, and Zeb Chadfield join host Patrick Inhofer in a Mixing Light Office hours discussion with special guest Isaac Terronez. Isaac is the U.S. Workflow Architect for

Today’s discussion included:

  • What are Postlab and Postlab drive?
  • How is Lucid Link related to the Postlab products?
  • Using PostLab with the Premiere Pro Teams workflow
  • How to set up FCP libraries for PostLab sharing and file locking
  • A quick comment about EditReady
  • A tip from Patrick on enabling a not-obvious feature on Resolve’s built-in scopes

Table Of Contents

(bold items are member questions)

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:00 Lightening Round Introduction
  • 01:18 Neil – Multicam tip
  • 02:34 Peder – Just started working with a remote team using Lucid Link
  • 03:36 Rich – Joins us momentarily to talk about starting to use ‘virtual drives’ for sending dailies to remote collaborators, with good experience
  • 04:06 Zeb – How his facility used virtual drives to bypass a server outage in their local area network, without missing a beat
  • 05:30 Patrick – Shows a quick DaVinci Resolve tip that allows the qualifier cursor to show the pixels you’re selecting on Resolve’s internal scopes
  • 06:15 Isaac – New details he’s learned about the bass line from the Michael Jackson song, “Billy Jean”
  • 09:09 Introduction to Isaac and the discussion on Hedge, Postlab, and Postlab Drive
  • 13:07 What is the problem that Postlab Drive is solving? And how is it related to Lucid Link (and what is Lucid Link)?
  • 16:37 Neil: His experience with Lucid Link’s upper tier service and the responsiveness of the file sharing
  • 18:28 Peder: Important bandwidth considerations when setting up a project for sharing media files by taking into account the slowest internet connection on the team
  • 19:13 Neil: Points out the unique file-locking capabilities of Postlab, beyond what Lucid Link offers
  • 19:48 Zeb: How the Lucid Link technology works far better than any seasoned post-production professional will reasonably expect
  • 22:54 Patrick: Lucid Link has two tiers. What is Postlab Drive integrating and is it possible it use their other tiers of service for Postlab Drive?
  • 24:47 Peder: What’s the ‘extra sauce’ that Postlab is adding to their Lucid Link integration?
  • 25:03 Isaac: Postlab Drive as a file sharing service
  • 27:20 MASV’s integration with Postlab Drive
  • 31:45 Peder: The pricing model for Postlab Drive, Lucid Link, and the challenges with ‘egress’ costs
  • 34:56 Zeb: Shares his observation about caching issues that force you to re-download source material
  • 35:44 What is Postlab and how is it different than Postlab Drive?
  • 39:58 Zeb & Isaac: Avid Bin Locking using Postlab
  • 42:11 Neil: His experience using Premiere Pro’s team and collaborative workflows using a BYO (build your own) S3 bucket
  • 45:25 Isaac: The experience of Hedge’s clients using Premiere’s Teams workflow with Postlab; plus, additional features for assigning tasks, comments, keeping an activity log, and saving templates for new projects.
  • 47:41 Arthur (video question): When using FCP and the Color Finale plugin, are there any limitations we should be concerned about if we’re using Postlab?
  • 48:59 Isaac: How to use FCP with Postlab for the smoothest remote collaboration experience and managing plug-ins without breaking license agreements.
  • 52:48 Zeb: Best practices for distributing installers to ensure everyone on the remote team is using the same version of the software, fonts, etc.
  • 53:21 Isaac: Postlab with DaVinci Resolve workflows, including using Disk-based databases or integrating Blackmagic Cloud with PostLab Drive
  • 54:53 Patrick: Is Postlab and Postlab Drive cross-platform?
  • 56:11 Patrick: Understanding Hedge’s latest product acquisition, EditReady and how it integrates into the workflows we’ve been discussing
  • 57:48 Conclusion and Goodbye

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