We Love Color
Which explains why Mixing Light co-founders Patrick, Robbie and Dan have all been doing some form of color correction for as long as we’ve been working in post-production (a combined 40+ years).

Why We Love Color
Color correction is an empowering craft. Like editing, it can be completely invisible or totally in-your-face. It can be used to heighten emotion, help the audience keep track of parallel story lines and immediately guide the eye to precisely where to look.

Not to mention, color correction helps us hide mistakes, keeps edits looking invisible and makes DPs our best friends.

Professional colorists are used to working closely with ‘above the line’ talent (Directors, DPs, Executive Producers) at the very end of their process. They’re the final filters before the work is sent to the network, distributed to film festivals or (yes) uploaded to YouTube. It can be an extremely gratifying career.

We Love Helping Others Love Color, Too
But our individual passions for color and the color correction process extends beyond our own color grading suites… it extends to helping other professionals.

Each of Mixing Light’s co-founders were teaching other professionals to love color long before they met each other. In fact, it was our individual endeavors in teaching the craft that brought the three of us together:

Patrick first began teaching at the New York City Final Cut Pro User’s Group. He demo’ed how to use FCP’s 3-Way Color Correction filter for both technical and creative effect. He later joined the group’s Board of Directors to become its Treasurer and – when his mentor, the group’s Fearless Leader Michael Vitti, passed away at NAB – Patrick took over as President. In 2010 he stepped down from the group to focus his teaching on – a website dedicated to mentor-style online teaching of color correction.

Robbie is well-known for his training titles and multitude of training books. Not to mention, being a certified instructor (at the highest levels) for Final Cut and Premiere as well as having developed certification programs from the ground up. He’s been explaining this stuff for many many years.

After a few years working in a post-production house in Ireland, Dan put himself in a position to join the DaVinci Team as a Resolve specialist. He spent several years travelling the globe teaching many of the world’s top colorists how to use DaVinci Resolve in their day-to-day work. He was also DaVinci’s demo artist, responsible for finding compelling ways to show off their latest features to impress both seasoned vetrans and newbies alike.

Along with the teaching we were doing, we’ve been head-strong continuing our careers as professional colorists.

How The Team Found Each Other
Dan and Robbie were the first two of the co-founders to partner up. They knew they wanted to do something special. They wanted a website that would feature fresh content and not be limited to a single app or plug-in. They spent a few weeks exploring options – from launching their own website to working under the moniker of other established brands. But nothing quite connected.

Robbie and Patrick knew each other through their friendship with another colorist, teacher and good friend to them both, Alexis Van Hurkman. Robbie reached out to Patrick who instantly knew how to put this team together – with three colorists the could expand to do something Patrick always wanted to do but could never do alone. It was a concept too ambitious for only one or two working professionals to execute. 

1 + 1 + 1 = YES!
With three of us working together, we’d put together a site constantly delivering new content. And if one of us gets bogged down on a big project there’s always the other two, meeting the needs of our audience and never missing a beat.

Just as important: Each of us has expertise in slightly different areas of the craft. Plus, two of us had been running our own businesses for years, another worked on the inside of a software company. This varied experience would ensure our readers would be getting different perspectives, different voices and different ideas.

Patrick pitched Dan and Robbie on how our new venture could be an extension of what he had already built with And thus, Mixing Light was born.

A Color Grading Membership Site Is Launched
That’s when we decided a monthly membership site is what we’d create. We didn’t want to charge you a lot for it. We wanted it to be something you’d find continuous value in and something we’d want to create.

The site also needed to be differentiated from it’s sister site, the Tao of Color – which has always been more mentorship-based

Patrick has often described Tao of Color and the training he provieds as 3 feet wide and 8 miles deep. His training is very deep with long video tutorials on a very focused topic. As a result, his pricing at the Tao has always been premium.

Mixing Light comes at training from the opposite perspective.

About Mixing Light: 8 Miles Wide, 3 Feet Deep is designed to be broad-based covering the whole spectrum of color correction for moving images. Not just one or two color grading apps dedicated to the craft but plug-ins and filters for editing systems and motion graphics packages as well as a healthy dose of business and career tips given the extreme career mobility of the modern creative.

Unlike Tao of Color’s training, where a single training title often spans more than 17 hours of training, Mixing Light keeps its content short and sweet. It’s a steady supply of quick insights to keep working professionals informed without requiring a huge time commitment.

And when we do introduce self-contained, single purchase training titles (which are in development) – they’ll be of the short and sweet variety too.

Learning to Love Color: Making Our Story Your Story
That is our story, our motivations, our hopes and dreams. But this website isn’t about us.

It’s about you and your future. About learning to love color.

We hope to help you build your career, your client base and your confidence in color grading.

Mixing Light is a resource for everyone who loves color and loves manipulating color on moving images. Our goal, is to appeal to those new to the craft and move them along in their understanding of color grading so they can go back and take advantage of those articles and videos targeted at experienced pros.

Join us and we’ll be happy to help you, wherever you are along your path!


Patrick, Robbie and Dan

Bios and Images


Patrick Inhofer
Colorist, Finisher, Photon Wrangler

Patrick Inhofer

Patrick Inhofer is a professional colorist / finisher and owner of the Florida-based boutique Tao Of Color, Inc. He’s a 25-year veteran of the digital post-production community. Patrick takes his experience working at high-end full-service New York City post houses and delivers those same services to low- and mid- budget productions, bringing them high-quality workflows at competitive prices.

Patrick has worked on films, documentaries, television series, corporate videos, promos, and ID packages for a range of clients ranging from broadcast / cable networks, to indie films making the festival circuit, to corporate giants. He’s worked with directors Barry Levinson and Bruce Sinofsky. Other clients include: HBO, NBC, ABC, Showtime, ESPN, Oxygen, AMC, Lifetime, TNT, TBS, National Geographic Channel, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, AOL, TV One, Virgin Records, Hasbro, Brighthouse… and many more.

Patrick’s first worked on Avid Media Composer as an Assistant Editor on HBO’s ‘The Babysitter’s Club’ in 1991. His first freelance gig in 2001 was to color correct a food documentary using Avid Media Composer’s ‘Levels’ filter (a practice he does not recommend!). He founded his first post-production boutique in 2002 and is currently the Colorist / Coach at Tao Of Color, Inc.

He began teaching color correction standing before the New York Final Cut Pro Users Group in 2005 (where he subsequently became its Treasurer and, later, President). In 2010 Patrick founded the software agnostic color grading website and recently published the 100th edition of his free weekly email newsletter ‘The Tao Colorist’; which focuses on the Art, Craft and Business of professional color grading. Patrick is currently under contract, writing his first book ‘The Color Correction Coach” to be published later in 2016.

Patrick was also an Adjunct Professor at Hofstra University teaching Digital Color Correction for Television. He contributed to the book Color Grading with Avid Media Composer and Symphony 6 by Bryan Castle.

Robbie Headshot

Robbie Carman
Co-Founder, Colorist, Lover Of The Light

Robbie Carman

Robbie Carman is a professional colorist and co-owner of Amigo Media LLC a finishing boutique located in the Washington, DC area with a focus on broadcast television and independent film finishing. Robbie has 15 years of experience grading, including hundreds of programs for many of the Discovery Networks, National Geographic, PBS, MSNBC and others. He counts technical problem solving and client communication amongst his strengths.

Robbie has co-authored many books including: Final Cut Pro Workflows: The Independent Studio Handbook with Jason Osder. Final Cut Studio on the Spot 3rd Edition with Richard Harrington and Abba Shapiro, Video Made on a Mac: Production and Post Production with Apple Final Cut Studio and Adobe Creative Suite with Richard Harrington, the Apple Pro Training Series book DVD Studio Pro 4 3rd Edition, From Still to Motion A Photographers Guide To Creating Video With Your DSLR with Richard Harrington, Jim Ball, and Matt Gottshalk and An Editor’s Guide To Adobe Premiere Pro (1st and 2nd Editions) with Richard Harrington and Jeff Greenberg. See all Robbie’s books on Amazon here:

In addition to writing,  Robbie has also contributed as the technical editor to some popular books including – Alexis Van Hurkman’s Apple Pro Training Series book The Encyclopedia of Color Correction for Final Cut Pro,The Apple Pro Training Series book Color by David Gross and Michael Wohl and The Apple Pro Training Series book Final Cut Pro 7 Quick Reference by Brendan Boykin.

Robbie has also authored many courses on focusing on color correction and editing. View Robbie’s training here:

In addition to color grading and writing work, Robbie is also an Adobe and Apple Certified Instructor. He speaks regularly at conferences such as NAB, IBC,  The Editors Retreat, The NY Post Production conference, and GV Expo.


Dan Moran
Co-Founder, Colorist, London Hipster

Dan Moran

Irish Colorist Dan Moran is based at Smoke & Mirrors London and is the ultimate DaVinci Resolve geek. His excellent technical knowledge and creative eye earned him a place as a colorist at one of the top post production facilities in London. His obsession with colors began in photography which quickly evolved into the world of moving pictures and started in Post Production in 2006. He began grading long form, commercials and features at The Element Dublin.

In 2010 Dan joined Blackmagic Design as its DaVinci Resolve Application Specialist and toured the world giving grading demos and training users. While at Blackmagic Design Dan had the unique opportunity to work with and learn from some of the world’s top colorists and applies this knowledge to his work today.

Dan is currently focusing on commercial and music video grading. He has graded promos for Plan B, Wretch 32, Labrinth, 2 Chainz and Bell x1.

Christophe Delaunay Member-At-Large

Christophe Delaunay, Member-At-Large, French Physician, Hobbyist Colorist

Christophe Delaunay

Christophe Delaunay is a hobbyist colorist based in France. Like many, in 2009 he embraced the DSLR revolution where all seemed possible with affordable gear. But he wasn’t happy with the final images from his footage: something was ‘missing’. Until he found a tutorial from Stu Maschwitz on how to create a Summer Blockbuster Film Look with Colorista II. It became clear that polished videos were as much a matter of color correction as camera gear.

Christophe searched the Web for color grading tutorials. Back in 2010 there was very little training and even fewer were teaching the philosophy of color grading, beyond the software interface. Fortunately, Tao Of Color (created by Mixing Light co-founder Patrick Inhofer) released the ‘In Tents’ Masterclass. Patrick provided students the required knowledge to try to grade a real short film, including all the footage.

That was the beginning of the relationship with the Tao, which then continued on Colorist Flight School, following ‘Dead Man’s Lake’ and later ‘Mother Died’ trainings from the Grade-Along series. And then here on

Christophe has now upgraded from DSLR world to a full Blackmagic workflow, shooting with Cinema Cameras and grading in DaVinci Resolve. Thanks to his gathered experience, he has graded several short films and student films.

In 2014, Christophe’s enthusiasm for color grading and his attention to detail and willingness to reach out to Team Mixing Light was noticed. Team MixingLight offered Christophe the position of Member-at-Large, to represent their membership and keep them on track. Christophe gladly accepted.

Currently, Christophe helps Team Mixing Light across a broad spectrum of assignments… from Search Engine Optimization to preparing the bi-monthly Newsletters.

You may reach out to Christophe Delaunay on Twitter at @cdel89. Members should feel free to email him: christophe (at) mixing Samples of his work can be found at

Josh Headshot

Josh Petok Contributor

Josh Petok

Josh Petok is a Colorist who helps reality shows look their absolute best. From his beginnings on “The Surreal Life,” he strives to intensify drama or comedy while still keeping the presence and authenticity of reality TV. Completing work on his 66th show, Josh is continually learning and developing new methods for enhancing the shows that he works on.

Josh is a Co-host of “The Coloristos,” a monthly podcast about color grading and a moderator on the popular colorist website You can find out more about Josh Petok at his website or interact with him on Twitter @joshpetok

Rob Headshot

Rob Bessette Contributor

Rob Bessette

Rob Bessette operates as the lead Colorist at Finish Post, a full service post production facility located in the heart of Boston. Over the past 8 years Rob has fine tuned his color correction skills and consistently works on commercial spots for international brands like Carnival Cruise Lines, Major League Baseball, McDonalds, and Subway. He credits much of the creative process to his artistic background and strives to create compelling work day in and day out. He uses Blackmagic Design’s DaVinci Resolve color correction system in his daily work, and teaches how just a little bit of color can make a whole world of difference, no matter the project.

On occasion Rob teaches color correction at the Boston University Center for Digital Imaging Arts. You can learn more about Rob Bessette at his website or give him a shout on Twitter @robsbessette



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