Getting started with the Tangent Element. An overview of this modular colorist control surface.

Tangent Element Control Surface: Getting Started

January 22, 2014

Learn about the Tangent Element colorist control surface and see how one professional colorist sets it up in his color correction suite.


This Insight is the first in a series we’re doing here on You can read about this series over on the blog and watch Robbie and Patrick’s introductory video.

Getting Started with the Tangent Element Colorist Control Surface

The Tangent Element is one of the newest and most versatile control surfaces on the market today. It’s a modular set of four panels that can be bought individually, allowing you to add to the set as your budget and needs dictate. The full set currently costs about $3500US.

For a detailed set of pictures – as well as it’s size compared to the other control surfaces in this roundup – be sure to check out our free Insight, Unboxing the Tangent Element.

Understanding the Tangent Element

  • Who is Tangent Devices and what is their history with colorist control surfaces?
  • How does the Tangent Element compare with their entry level Tangent Wave?
  • What are its main features?
  • How might you set up these panels in a color correction suite?

These questions are all answered in this Getting Started video. Patrick and Robbie start in the Studio discussing the Element and then Patrick takes you inside his color grading suite and shows you his ‘non-traditional’ panel arrangement. He also explains why he sets it up the way he does.

We will have follow-up videos in this series will show how the Element is mapped in SpeedGrade CC and DaVinci Resolve.

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