How Do Bias Lights Help Colorists Achieve Consistency?

December 2, 2023

Mixing Light Contributors discuss bias lighting and the topics associated with LEDs and perception with Jason Rosenfeld of MediaLight.


Office Hours LIVE! Talking with Jason Rosenfeld of MediaLight

Mixing Light Contributors Daria Fissoun, Ryan Nguyen, and Peder Morgenthaler join Mixing Light CEO Patrick Inhofer to discuss bias lighting with Jason Rosenfeld of MediaLight.

As our contributors discuss, you’ll learn that bias lighting is a deep topic that leads us to cover many topics important to colorists. Everything from monitor tech to your eyes.

About Scenic Labs, MediaLight, and CEO Jason Rosenfeld

Jason Rosenfeld founded Scenic Labs, which manufactures MediaLight Bias Lighting ( and publishes the Spears & Munsil Ultra HD Benchmark. Despite over 20 years of publishing calibration programs such as Joe Kane’s Video Essentials, Digital Video Essentials, Picture Perfect and S&M, Jason only recently got his ISF Level III certification.

His company focuses on products that close the gap between production and home viewing environments.

Jason Rosenfeld, Owner of Scenic Labs and creator of MediaLight bias lights

Today’s Topics Include:

  • The history of lighting tech
  • How different devices render colors more or less accurately
  • Best practices for setting up bias lights
  • How the eye responds to light
  • Grading room setup tips
  • And plenty more…

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