Display Calibration Workflows With Industry Expert David Abrams

March 15, 2024

Mixing Light members & Contributors are joined by display calibration expert David Abrams, talking workflows, colorimeters, & best practices.


Answering Member Questions – 2024 Feb 28

In this edition of Office Hours LIVE! David Abrams of Portrait Displays joins Mixing Light’s Patrick Inhofer and Contributors Peder Morgenthaler and Vincent Taylor to discuss display calibration. Dave shares how he became one of LA’s most sought-after display calibrationists and ended up at Portrait Displays working on products like Calman and Patterns for Mac.

Today’s conversation included:

  • Patrick is lurking the Reddit r/colorists sub to learn how ‘normals’ think
  • Was the Pro Display XDR a BVM Killer?
  • Why bother with broadcast monitoring for projects destined for YouTube?
  • In an Eizo workflow, is the internal calibrating profiler better than a Xrite i1?
  • Considerations when troubleshooting the signal flow between system and display
  • How macOS “reads” external displays… and incorporates that information into color management (for better or worse)
  • Remote color grading workflows; does your client really see what you see?
  • An overview of Patterns for Mac, how to accurately generate test patterns on that OS
  • How often should a colorimeter be calibrated?
  • QD-OLED vs WOLED displays
  • Who needs 10,000 nits anyway?
David Abrams is the Senior Product Manager at Portrait Displays, and the developer of ‘Patterns for Mac’. He’s also the founder of Avical, a professional calibration service based in Los Angeles.

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