Conforming In DaVinci Resolve – Solving Sync & Frame Rate Problems

December 17, 2016

When importing a timeline & conforming in DaVinci Resolve, problems occur. See how we methodically solve frame rate & sync problems.


Conforming ‘In the Shadow of Giants’ Part 6

Solving Timeline Conform Problems Slowly, Shot-by-Shot

There is no such thing as a ‘Fast Conform’. Sometimes conforming in DaVinci Resolve is super-easy. Sometimes, like here on ‘In the Shadow of Giants’, the Conform¬†gets bogged down and is tedious. But at the end of the Conform your final timeline is in one of two states:

  • The imported timeline is completely accurate
  • The imported timeline is wrong

There are no other choices available to us.

In Part 6 of our series, we are moving slow and steady

Every frame is being watched. Every problem is being solved. Nothing gets skipped. But as you see, there’s a certain rhythm to the Conform. After a few problem shots are solved, every new problem is an echo. It’s the same two or three mistakes reflecting back upon us.

This Conform makes me happy that Resolve is also a stand-alone non-linear editor.

Some of the tools helping editors keep track of their footage (for example, interview clips showing up in the timeline as Blue and B-Roll clips showing up as Red), we use to visually group clips with similar (and problematic) metadata… like frame rates. If clips at 59.94 are giving us problems then we set them to a unique color. And as we play down the timeline we get visual feedback on every single 59.94 clip. It’s a feature most editors take for granted but colorists and finishers (or their assistants) can use to track problematic media.

Sit back and enjoy as I start wrapping up this Conform!

(and don’t forget that this Insight is part of a series, starting here)


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