News: Mixing Light Launches ‘Learn From Home’ EDU Initiative

April 14, 2020

Through June 15, professors/adjuncts can provide free streaming access to Mixing Light for their students.

Our goal is to support EDUs during (and after) social dislocation – at no cost

Colorists are a part of a much larger group of digital storytellers, or filmmakers.

Filmmaking (whether for cinema, television, streaming, or corporate communications) is a collaborative experience that usually begins with a group of people working closely together to capture their images and sound. Production is the beating heart of digital storytelling. What you capture and its potential end result is largely formed during production. Production is also the area where most educational institutions focus their teaching efforts.

Unfortunately, production has been severely impacted by the current lock-downs due to the coronavirus pandemic. EDUs have abruptly switched to a remote teaching workflow. Naturally, this is a good time for professors and adjuncts to think about spending more time focusing on aspects of our business that tend to be a little more solitary and don’t require groups of people interacting in a confined space. Here at Mixing Light, our focus in on one of the ‘solitary’ skills of filmmaking, digital color grading.

That’s why we are launching our Learn From Home limited-time initiative offering a no-cost Mixing Light membership through June 15, 2020.

Our program is designed to support professors and adjuncts who suddenly find themselves running semester-long classes using remote learning resources. We have almost a thousand individual ‘lessons’ (we call them, Insights) encompassing the craft, skill, and business of digital color grading. These Insights can be assigned to students to aid in learning software, techniques, tools, workflows, and client/business skills.

This ‘Learn From Home’ program builds upon Mixing Light’s existing EDU platform to support educators to finish out their current semester and carry them through the Summer semester.

Professors can offer Mixing Light (for free) to their students, through August 2020

The Mixing Light Insights Library contains over 900+ videos, articles, and podcasts focusing on some part of the craft of color grading. Each Insight focuses on a single topic.

Professors (and through them, their students) may sign up under this program through June 15, 2020. Students who sign up through their professors will get a streaming Mixing Light Membership for free, which will expire August 31, 2020. This program works under Mixing Light’s EDU/Groups platform.

In 2019, Mixing Light quietly rolled out a simple EDU/Groups function that works as follows:
  • A professor or adjunct signs up for a free EDU account at this URL:
  • At the registration page the enrolled professor/adjunct provides:
    • A ‘Group’ name
    • A link to their faculty listing on their institution’s website (used to verify their status)
    • Writes a short summary about the course(s) they want to use Mixing Light for support.
    • Signs up using their official EDU email address.
  • Once approved, the professor/adjunct has no-cost access to the Insights Library and a Group Leader Dashboard page. This page provides a special link that they share with their students.
  • Through June 15, 2020 professors/adjuncts may distribute a discount code to get students FREE access to the Insights Library
  • The discount code is: EDU_STAY_HOME
  • Students enter the discount code at the signup URL (generated from the Group Leader Dashboard).
  • When students sign up using that link, they get added to the Group Leader page – enabling the professor/adjunct to verify their participation and identify non-authorized members.
  • At that point, the professor/adjunct can assign specific Mixing Light articles, videos, and podcasts for their students to view/read each week.
  • Professors/adjuncts are also invited into a private Slack channel to discuss their needs, get advice on the resources provided by Mixing Light, interact with each other, and request custom training to help Mixing Light extend the value of its platform to their students. 

Until June 15, 2020:

  • Students who enroll through their professor’s Group links will have FREE access to the Mixing Light library using the discount code: EDU_STAY_HOME
  • This membership does NOT auto-renew.
  • This membership ends on August 31, 2020.
  • Normally, student access is a $58, seven month, non-renewing membership.

The goal of this program is to allow students to learn core color grading techniques, user interface elements, business practices, and approaches to the craft – outside of the limited classroom time. This frees up professors/adjuncts to spend time in-class teaching and supporting their students on those items requiring the unique attention of a live interactive instructional session.

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