Using the Tangent Element with SpeedGrade CC

Using the Tangent Element with SpeedGrade CC

January 29, 2014

Why do professional video colorists love controls surfaces? Watch the Tangent Element with SpeedGrade CC highlighting a few advantages.


NOTE: Team MixingLight has decided to keep this Insight free for public viewing. As far as we know this is one of the few videos on the internet demo’ing the Tangent Element working with SpeedGrade… and, well, we want as many people to see this great control surface in action with Adobe’s color correction software.

In Action: The Tangent Element with SpeedGrade CC

This Insight is part of our continuing series on colorist control surfaces. We’re currently exploring theĀ Tangent Element control surface. In a previous Insight I showed you how (and the why) I arranged this modular set of panels. In this video I’ll show you some of my favorite features using this panel with Adobe’s SpeedGrade CC dedicated color correction software.

Tangent Element and SpeedGrade CC: Modular Implementation

My big take-away is that SpeedGrade mapped this panel without any dependencies. In other words, you can buy only one of the Tangent Element panels at a time – in any order you want. No one panel requires another panel for it to work. This allows beginner colorists to work their way into the craft, lessening the financial burden – adding panels as their client base grows.

Tangent Hub required

Using the Tangent Element with SpeedGrade CC does require the installation of the Tangent Hub software, which can be downloaded from the manufacturers support page. One thing I don’t mention in the video… this panel is NOT customizable. The SpeedGrade software developers have designed the panel mapping – and we just have to learn to love it.

Got Questions?

This is not an exhaustive How-To video on using the Tangent Element with SpeedGrade CC. So I’m sure you’ll have some questions! That’s why we’ve got the comments down below the video. Go ahead and ask away!

Download Video: ML0134

Download Video: ML0001



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    • Verne Mattson

      Hi Patrick –
      After the TK balls and rings panel, what would be your order of adding the Element modules for Speedgrade?

    • Patrick Inhofer

      I tend to use the Bt panel more often than the Mf panel… but the transport control is very smooth so I’d have no problem making the MF panel my #2 purchase. Then finally the Kb. But it’s really personal choice. Ask 5 colorists the same question, you’ll get 7 answers.

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