Office Hours LIVE! Post-NAB – Sony HX-3110, Resolve 18.5, Virtual Sets and Colorists

May 13, 2023

Team Mixing Light discusses Sony's prototype 4,000nit display, Resolve 18.5 Beta new features, and colorist opportunities on Virtual Sets.


Answering Member Questions – 2023 April 27

Mixing Light Contributors Joey D’Anna, Peder Morgenthaler, and Zeb Chadfield join host and Mixing Light CEO Patrick Inhofer in leading this Office Hours LIVE! discussion. Today’s topics include:

  • The NAB show floor Mixing Light & Colorist Newsletter ‘Monitor Crawl’
  • Discussion on Sony’s prototype XM-3110
  • Resolve 18.5 – Relight plugin
  • Resolve 18.5 – Local machine-learning-aided transcriptions
  • Resolve 18.5 – Upgrading properly
  • Resolve 18.5 – New timeline-specific color management and auto-save options
  • Scroll down to the timestamps for the full rundown

Mentioned in this Insight

  • Roe Visuals – The LED panel vendor we discuss specializing in the virtual set market. The link takes you to their NAB 2023 press release.
  • Brompton Technologies: TrueLight – “…delivers high-quality lighting from LED panels with extra emitters – offering accurate, calibrated colours.”
  • Neat Video – This noise reduction plugin was mentioned midway through this Office Hours.

NAB 2023 ‘Monitor Crawl’

Sony BVM-HX3110 – Photos from the booth


  • 1:01 – Patrick talks about the NAB ‘Monitor Crawl’
  • 29:18 – Zeb on timeline-specific backups and color management
  • 3:33 – Overview of Sony BVM-HX3110 prototype HDR reference display
  • 30:48 – The Edit Page’s optimized ‘dropped frames’ during playback behavior
  • 4:45 – Joey’s take on the Sony 3110
  • 31:50 – The new ‘Render Cache Manager’
  • 6:59 – Peder’s take on the Sony 3110
  • 32:25 – Still exports from the Edit Page
  • 7:49 – What can you buy today as an HDR reference display?
  • 32:41 – Open Timline IO and Universal Scene Descriptor (USD) integration
  • 9:08 – What technology will win for HDR reference displays?
  • 35:59 – What are Universal Scene Descriptors?
  • 11:01 – Patrick’s take on the Sony 3110
  • 37:09 – Noise reduction discussions
  • 13:26 – Zeb’s observations on Sony display demos at trade shows
  • 28:14 – Local machine-learning transcriptions
  • 17:10 – Comments on consumer displays for professional mastering
  • 40:44 – Mixing Light Member Tony shares his thoughts on Resolve 18.5 Remote Monitoring
  • 20:19 – Resolve 18.5 Beta discussion begins
  • 43:28 – A minor Resolve 18.5 bug with transcription
  • 21:13 – Joey’s favorite Resolve 18.5 features
  • 44:41 – Project and Database versions unique to Resolve 18.5
  • 23:04 – How does Resolve’s new ‘remote monitoring’ work?
  • 45:19 – Did we mention… backup your databases??
  • 27:11 – Is there an AppleTV app for Resolve Remote Monitoring?
  • 46:00 – Timeline-based color management discussion
  • 28:18 – Is Resolve Remote Monitoring a ‘Streambox killer’?
  • 47:31 – Patrick’s long wind-up to shift the conversation to virtual sets and the colorist’s role.
  • 28:18 – Resolve Remote Monitoring and TPN
  • 51:46 – Peder shares what he learned about Virtual Sets at NAB
  • 52:50 – A discussion about image-based lighting, RGB lighting fixtures, and virtual sets

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Homepage Forums Office Hours LIVE! Post-NAB – Sony HX-3110, Resolve 18.5, Virtual Sets and Colorists

  • As one of the “Crawl” participants, I certainly agree about the issues viewing/comparing the two Sony monitors. The 4G nit rig was notably brighter everywhere compared to the 1G nit unit. It was plain mentally puzzling, to keep looking between them. And the hard and rather constant clipping on the 1G unit had me thinking that 1) either the grade was poor to begin with, as why would you have SO much hard clipping of white on a 1,000 nit monitor … or 2) they were purposely mangling the grade on the 1G monitor to make the 4G monitor look better.

    The ability to talk with and hear the comments from so many knowledgeable folks from Patrick Inhofer through Peder through MTO … and on and on … was also wondrous.

  • Arthur Ditner

    Joey’s comments on the x300 hit a sore spot. We had a lot of issues with our model staying calibrated for any given amount of time.

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