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January 7, 2024

News, tutorials, and gear from the interwebs related to the art, craft, and business of professional color grading. 7 January 2024 edition.

Issue DLXXV: The New Home Edition

The Color Grading Newsletter

News, reviews, thoughts, career advice, and humor for professional Video / Film Colorists & Finishers. Delivered Sundays. Curated by a professional color grader and the CEO of
Sunday, 7 January 2024
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Patrick Inhofer
From The Publisher

We made it to 2024!

I hope it’s gotten off to a great start for you. This edition of the Newsletter is rather auspicious. After a decade of emailing from Tao Of Color, It is now emailing from Of Color was my original color grading training website.

Years before Mixing Light was founded, Tao Of Color delivered grading training for FCP 7 and Apple Color. After Apple Color was discontinued and Blackmagic bought and released DaVinci Resolve for Mac, I released training courses on Tao from Resolve 8 through Resolve 11.With Resolve 12, Mixing Light produced my 22-hour course, and since 2014, I’ve focused all my training efforts here on Mixing Light.BUT, this Newsletter stayed with Tao Of Color. It ran parallel to my Mixing Light endeavors. And it was free for readers but financially supported by sponsors.

Starting today, the Color Grading Newsletter is now 100% subscriber-supported.

Since becoming the 100% owner of Mixing Light in December 2021, I haven’t had the time to keep hunting down sponsors. And it is time to unify my efforts under a single brand.

This Newsletter is available only by subscription, in two forms.

It will continue to ship as a weekly email, 42+ weeks per year. It will also appear as a weekly blog post on

Mixing Light Premium and Discover+ members have this Newsletter included in their memberships. If you’re reading this in email form right now, then your membership automatically includes this publication.

You can also subscribe to the Newsletter as a stand-alone product – no other membership is required.

It’s an annual subscription that works out to $1.19 per issue. If you don’t have a Premium or Discover+ membership, you can purchase the subscription here.

How do you use this Newsletter?

This Newsletter is intended to be read with your morning coffee or breakfast. If you live in New Zealand or someplace on the other side of the world from the East Coast of the US, then it should be read with your evening cordial 🙂

The key is to carve out some quiet time and focus less on doing and more on staying connected.

I don’t expect you to click every link!

First, scroll through the week’s stories and get a sense of what’s in the Newsletter. You’ll probably find 1-3 items stand out. After you’ve scrolled through, go back and hit those first. Then, if you have time, feel free to dig deeper. Otherwise, come back to it later in the week during downtime.

The point of the Newsletter is to help us all stay connected with our craft – wherever the internet takes us that week.

Some weeks, the stories overflow. Other weeks, not so much. Sometimes a strong theme emerges. Othertimes, it feels random.

Finally, get your voice heard by sending links my way.

If you read, watch, or listen to something you think belongs in the Newsletter… just reply to this email and send me the link. Write one or two sentences about why you’re sending it along. I almost always share reader stories and usually give you attribution and might even quote you 🙂

One more thing… now that we’re on Mixing Light if you have a Discover+ or Premium membership, use the comments to talk about the stories in the Newsletter!

I’ve always felt a little disconnected from my readership. I hope that can change now that this Newsletter is published in blog format. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and what you find interesting or curious.

I’ll see you next Sunday.

Happy Grading!


Pat Inhofer
Colorist & Publisher

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If jobs pay based on stress levels, editors would earn like urologists, judges, and anesthesiologist assistants. Maybe it’s not surprising that so many editors (like me) have transitioned into color grading?? (via Marc Wielage)

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