How to Create a Dream Sequence Look: Heavenly Whites

How To Create a Dream Sequence Look: ‘Heavenly Whites’

December 7, 2013

The Dream Sequence Look is commonly requested. You learn how to create a 'Heavenly White' Look for an indie feature film—and try it out on your next job. No plug-ins, just the standard tools you'll find in most software.


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Breaking Down a Dream Sequence Look: ‘Heavenly Whites’

Not a month goes by that a client doesn’t request I create a dream sequence Look – or some variation of it (Flashback, Flash forward, etc).

In this Insight I pull up work I did on the indie feature ‘Isn’t It Delicious’. The producers were kind enough to let me use a few sequences from their film to show how I achieved some of their looks.

The Look we’re going to explore is a dream sequence. The team didn’t have a particular Look in mind when they shot the film, so they kept it evenly lit – protecting the highlights and shadows – which (along with the ProRes444 camera originals) gave me the latitude to explore different directions. We eventually settled on a ‘Heavenly’ Look – or what I like to call the Fluffy White look.

As the scene plays down the Look gets more and more intense until it finally becomes pure white.

In this breakdown, I show you how we achieved this look using the core toolset in DaVinci Resolve (no plug-ins). In fact, this is a Look you can adapt to any NLE or color grading app… it’s actually simple to achieve once you break it apart into its individual pieces.

Questions? Comments?
Did my approach make sense to you? Do you have any questions about the decisions I made? Use the Comments below… I love chatting it up with you all!

– pat

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