MailBag Live!

Mailbag LIVE! Selecting The Proper Storage For Post Production

January 24, 2021

Today's Agenda: What do digital video post production professionals need to consider when buying a storage solution for their digital media?

Day 24: 24 Insights in 24 Days New Year Marathon

What do I need to think about when selecting storage for digital video editing and color grading?

Mailbag LIVE! is a conference call with our members. Our goal is to answer a member’s question on a Zoom conference call, where other Mixing Light members are welcome to attend and participate.

After the Team talks with the member about their question, we invite members on the Zoom call to offer their thoughts on the subject or to ask questions inspired by the discussion.

Today’s Agenda:

Understanding your choices when selecting a storage system

Mixing Light Member Charles Traboulsi has been researching storage solutions – especially now that he’s been running his system from home for months. He feels like the subject is wide-open and it’s not always clear what’s the best approach for digital video post production professionals.

Robbie, Dan, and Patrick are joined by Mixing Light Contributors Joey D’Anna and Peder Morgenthaler to share their hard-earned opinions on this subject. A variety of concepts are covered in this discussion including:

  • Direct attached vs SAN vs NAS
  • Why is NAS more expensive than a SAN solution?
  • What’s the proper RAID configuration for video professionals?
  • How does your storage solution fit inside of an overall media management game plan?

At the end of this Mailbag, questions are asked and suggestions are offered by Mixing Light members on this call.

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