The Care And Feeding Of A Post Production YouTube Channel

August 19, 2022

Why do professionals create and maintain a YouTube channel? How do they use it to support their business, and what is the payoff?


Office Hours – July 26, 2022

Mixing Light Contributors Igor Ridanovic, Luke Ross, and Cullen Kelly join host Patrick Inhofer in leading a Mixing Light Office hours discussion. Joining us mid-way through is Mixing Light Member Darren Mostyn. Today’s discussion includes:

  • What has grabbed our attention recently?
  • The motivations and benefits of running a YouTube channel
  • The impact of a post production YouTube channel on your business
This is pulled from Mixing Light’s YouTube Creator channel showing that Mixing Ligh is one step away from enabling YouTube’s optional monetization income stream. August 2022.

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Homepage Forums The Care And Feeding Of A Post Production YouTube Channel

  • Although you list him, Joey is not in this episode





  • Marty Webb

    Hey Guys. Great chat!

    I think it was my question to Pat that inspired this so thanks Pat for putting this together!

    I’ve interacted with all of you online at some stage in the past.


    @Luke, Kia Ora bro! It’s always cool to see other Kiwis in thee industry. There seems to be a lot of us associated with mixing light now! Currently I’m on staff at a Resolve facility but I’ve been eyeing up a lot of your content for whenever I decide to go freelance. I think at that point it would be important for me to learn Baselight as it’s pretty much half of the entire market if not more. Like you said, there just isn’t that much learning content out there for Baselight so your stuff is really valuable!


    @Igor, you’ve helped me out a few times on LGG as I’ve been learning python so thanks a lot for putting up with my dum beginners questions! I’m hoping to release that project backup application I’ve been working on soon… If my schedule permits. I’m using fuses in that app in order to have my application auto start when Resolve starts. It then monitors the log file to see when resolve shuts down.  That might be something worth covering if you do an insight on fuses. I think it opens a lot of doors for scripting interesting apps that run in the background alongside Resolve.


    @Cullen, Your Colour science master classes have been absolutely monumental in helping further my knowledge into deep colour science. I’m learning Python right now but once I’m done with that I want to follow along with your DCTL series. I’ve got a few ideas of things I want to try code up. In particular I want to make something like your 3D curves DCTL you showed us in your last Colour science class.  I think that flew under the radar a bit, but I think a tool like that could be so helpful! It’s hard to make controlled adjustments in 3 dimensions at once on the colour page. The warper is Ok but still very limiting. I’ve also realised the reason I didn’t enjoy math in school wasn’t because I’m stupid. It just wasn’t taught in a way that appealed to me. Most of the math you’ve covered has flown far over my head but it’s really revived my interest in learning it! I’ve got a lot of catching up to do but that’s also quite exciting.


    On the topic of shared knowledge; I would just have to say I’m pretty thankful for @Pat and Mixinglight, as well as other online sources like it. As Luke mentioned, there isn’t much room to grow as a colourist in New Zealand and I’ve never had any real 1 on 1 mentorship from any Senior level colourists so most of my knowledge has come from these online sources. I think I wouldn’t have close to the depth of knowledge as I do now without you guys sharing your knowledge online the way you do. So thanks a ton for that!


    As for posting content myself, I think the biggest thing holding me back is simply finding the time. I honestly don’t know how you all do it.  I’m usually doing 10 hour days in the office and once I get home it’s hard to find the motivation to jump back onto the computer for more work.  I struggle just to keep up to speed with new shows/movies. My backlog of things I need to watch is huge!
    I think also there’s some imposter syndrome. I feel like if I’m sharing knowledge it comes with the responsibility that it needs to be accurate and there’s probably a part of me that’s worried I’d put something out there that just isn’t accurate. So I think maybe I hold back a bit in fear of that.


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