What is the future of post production and color grading?

Understanding The Future Of Post Production and Color Grading: Part 1

September 21, 2018

Digital video post production and color grading is rapidly advancing. Which technologies do you need to prepare for? And why?


What are the forces driving (or stunting) technological innovation in Color Grading?

In 2016 and 2017 I gave a presentation on the future of color grading at several conferences. I looked at emerging Wide Color Gamut standards and innovation with High Dynamic Range images. This year I put a pause on conference presentations. And on Mixing Light we recently decided that I should take this Future of Color Grading ‘Pat Talk’, update it, and bring it to Mixing Light. And that’s what this Insight series is about.

Setting the foundation for more in-depth teachings of emerging technologies

On a website like Mixing Light, we try to make our individual Insights stand-alone. But we don’t want to keep repeating the same fundamental concepts every time we dig into new and emerging topics. Instead, this series serves as a foundational set of Insights we can refer members to, when we start digging down. It allows us to jump in the deep end, with this Series being a life raft for those who need it.

This Insight series talks about innovation across 5 specific aspects of moving digital images. It explores historical precedents explaining how we got to where we are. What are the forces driving technological innovation? And what forces act as a brake to innovation? The idea is to find a gut-check metric for assessing innovative ideas. This way, you know what innovations you need to study and prepare for – anticipating the needs of your clients. You move from being reactive to being proactive, in your professional development.

And here in Part 1, is there is one term you should walk away with? Yes: Presence.

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