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Editing (20 tutorials)

Do you need to figure out an editing feature? These Insights include topics about working/editing/finishing on a timeline.

Hardware (39 tutorials)

Digital color grading is greatly enhanced by using external hardware devices. Learn about our favorite gear that gets your hands off your mouse because it greatly increases your speed and offers new opportunities for more creativity. This category also includes external storage, monitoring, and networking gear.

HDR (82 tutorials)

High Dynamic Range (HDR) color grading is an emerging display format for film and television. HDR images are defined by simultaneously holding very deep blacks with very bright specular highlights. The Insights listed on this page are Mixing Light's color grading tutorial Insights all relate to creating HDR images. Start with the fundamentals and move to more advanced concepts, including Dolby Vision.

Holiday Marathon (120 tutorials)

At the start of every New Year, team Mixing Light goes on a color grading tutorial binge! Every day for 24 days we release a new Insight. This category lists every Insight created during one of our Holiday Marathons.

IMF (3 tutorials)

AnĀ Interoperable Master Format - or IMF - is the preferred film or television deliverable for most modern streaming services. An IMF is much more powerful then traditional tape or file deliveries because they are rich with metadata describing their contents, and have modern and useful features that legacy formats lack. The color grading Insights listed on this page all deal with creating, using, or delivering IMF packages.

Legal Range Video / Full Scale Data (24 tutorials)

Index of tutorials relating to Legal and Full Range Data.

Log and Raw (99 tutorials)

Index of LOG and RAW color correction tutorials.

LUTs (70 tutorials)

LUTs (Look Up Tables) are mathematical transforms for manipulating digital images. A LUT can effect the brightness, saturation, and hue of Red, Green, and Blue pixels in a predefined manner. LUTs are usually defined by their intended purpose. And that purpose can be creative (to create a cool Look), technical (to precisely calibrate a reference display), or a mix of both (to precisely recreate a Look from on-set, using a specific starting point for the image). For this reason LUTs are a generally popular - and confusing - color correction topic. The Insights listed on this page all deal with LUTs in one manner or another. If you want to export, import, create, or modify a LUT then you're likely to find your answer on this page. Are you new to Look Up Tables (LUTs)? Then click to visit our LUTs Flight Path that will guide you through our introductory Insights related to LUTs.

Scopes (63 tutorials)

Index of tutorials about waveform monitors and vectorscopes.

Stereo (3 tutorials)

Index of Stereoscopic color grading tutorials.

Storage (23 tutorials)

Get tips, reviews, advice, and insights on storage and backup worflows, devices, and software.

Working Faster (344 tutorials)

Index of tutorials on working faster.